Kazakhstan. "The Heart of the World".

Right in the middle of Eurasia, in that mass of…

01 Sep 2021, Dossier September 2021

The hard road towards Nation-Building.

Kazakhstan achieved independence in December 1991 at a time when…

01 Sep 2021, Dossier September 2021

Graphite at the centre of new political equilibrium.

Besides lithium, another mineral occupies a central role for its…

01 Sep 2021, News September 2021

A Eurasian canal.

The modernisation of the state forms part of the ‘Kazakhstan…

01 Sep 2021, Dossier September 2021

Great reforms.

For Kazakhstan, the year 2019 may be remembered as a…

01 Sep 2021, Dossier September 2021

The Philippines. The church in the sea.

In the Bay of Manila, north of the Philippine capital,…

01 Jul 2021, Churches July 2021

Contradicting results.

With a population that is 70% ethnically Malayan, Brunei has…

01 Apr 2021, Dossier April 2021

Brunei. Under the shadow of Sharia Law.

Far from the reflectors of global strategies and tensions, the…

01 Apr 2021, Dossier April 2021

India. The apostle of the lepers.

Fifty years in India alongside the lepers. Curing their wounds…

01 Apr 2021, Churches April 2021

Catholic Church: 'the Periphery within the Periphery'.

A small Catholic population. The seven pastoral priorities. Living under…

01 Apr 2021, Dossier April 2021

Philippines. 500 years of Christianity. Looking forward to the future.

In 2021 the Church in the Philippines marks half a…

01 Apr 2021, Churches April 2021

China. The Dragon over Antarctica.

Antarctica enjoys an apparent calm, beyond the logic of power…

01 Apr 2021, News April 2021

To become a 'Muslim Singapore'.

Seven years have passed and the real reasons for the…

01 Apr 2021, Dossier April 2021

Philippines. The Black Nazarene. A Question of Quiapo Faith.

Even though the grand procession of the image of the…

01 Feb 2021, Churches February 2021

Asia. 2021. Uncertainties and ambiguities.

How to confront the consequences of Covid-19 as they affect…

01 Jan 2021, Dossier January 2021

India. Experiencing Silence in India's Ashrams.

A Dominican friar shares his experience of spending his yearly…

01 Jan 2021, Churches January 2021

India. The Hair Business.

The trade in human hair in the wig-makers’ salons is…

01 Dec 2020, News December 2020

India. More than just tea.

The serious crisis in the tea plantations.  Alternative forms of…

01 Dec 2020, Churches December 2020

India. The search for ‘Black Gold’ in the ‘Rat-Hole’.

Thousands risk their lives in the ‘Rat-holes’ in India.  Most…

01 Oct 2020, Churches October 2020

The Philippines. The Land of Natural Disasters.

Located in the rim around the Pacific Ocean dubbed “The…

01 Sep 2020, News September 2020

Bangladesh. My life and Hope for the Sick.

She manages the Damien Hospital, the only specialized facility to…

01 Aug 2020, Churches August 2020

The Catholic Church in Kyrgyzstan. A seed sprouting up slowly.

A small community that lives its faith through testimony. One…

01 Jul 2020, Churches July 2020

The Catholic Church in Kazakhstan. Testifying through friendship and dialogue.

Kazakhstan is the country of Central Asia with the largest…

01 Jul 2020, Churches July 2020

Ethnic Groups and Religions.

A country of striking and changing landscapes, extremes of climate…

01 Jun 2020, Dossier June 2020

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On defense of water and the right to live well.

On August 23, 2021, at the Tacagua’ camp of Challapata, Oruro (Bolivia), thanks to the support of the CASA Collective, about 150 members of the…

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The Ungrateful Cobra.

One day a cobra fell down a deep crack in the ground and couldn't get out. A man passed by, and heard a strangled voice calling: “Help!…

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Youth & Mission

Pope Francis. “To proclaim and share what we have seen”.

This year World Mission Sunday will be celebrated on 24 October. The theme the Holy Father has chosen this year is: ‘We cannot but speak about…

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