Africa interprets “Fratelli Tutti” for the world. As sweet as Ubuntu.

“If I am because we are, then true fraternity leaves no one behind, because we are saved together and are responsible for the life of all”. Africa has something unique to offer to help reverse the ill-fated drift of modern world. Fratelli Tutti, (“Brothers [and Sisters] All”) is the latest open letter of Pope Francis…

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Music. Jerusalema. Dance, Sing, Resist.

The Gospel track devised by South Africa DJ Master KG has spread on YouTube due to its rhythm, the voice of Nomcebo Zikode and the accompanying choreography. A sort of collective and shared response to the pandemic. Last year was marked by the Covid-19 tragedy, but it was also the year of the ‘viral’ phenomenon’…

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The Israeli strategy in Africa.

In recent years, Tel Aviv has expanded and increased diplomatic relations with a growing number of African nations.   For more than seventy years, the state of Israel has sought to develop its own zone of influence in Africa. This they did even before a number of western states with their colonial and neo-colonial policies.…

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Unesco. Cous cous. ‘Live united’.

Cous cous, a popular emblematic dish of North Africa, has been placed on the list of intangible cultural heritage by Unesco, at the joint request of Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia. It was something quite rare in the history of the Maghreb countries when Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia, in March 2019, together presented the…

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DR Congo. At the side of the people fighting to live and to resist.

The Democratic Republic of Congo continues to be afflicted by most serious political and social tensions, conflicts in some of its regions and endemic poverty despite its infinite riches. This is our topic as we speak with Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, Archbishop of Kinshasa. The government of President Felix Tshisekedi which came to power in the…

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Herbs & Plant. Warburgia salutaris. A unique medicinal plant.

The importance of medicinal plants in primary health care systems to treat and manage various disease conditions cannot be underestimated. Warburgia salutaris (G.Bertol.) Chiov (Family Canellaceae); whose common name is ‘pepperbark tree’, is one of the highly commercialized medicinal plant trees. It has been documented in many folkloric and ethnobotanical studies conducted in east, central…

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Africa. How Big Brother is watching Africans.

Like other continents, Africa is experimenting a spectacular spread of surveillance technology, mostly without adequate checks and balances. Authoritarian regimes benefit from Chinese expertise but also European, Israeli and American ones to spy on their citizens. As internet penetration and smartphone usage is growing in Africa, states are increasing their digital surveillance, often to the…

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Egypt. Archaeology. The sarcophagi of Saqqara. New light on the Holy Site.

The discovery by Egyptian archaeologists of more than a hundred sealed sarcophagi in the necropolis of the Ancient Kingdom of Memphis (2700-2192 B.C.) will allow researchers to gain information about daily life in this place. There are places whose sacred nature remains alive over the course of centuries or even millennia. This applies especially to…

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Central African Republic. Insecurity worsening.

The country is passing through a phase of instability, and the situation is gradually worsening. The ongoing conflict between the armed forces (supported by the UN Mission in the country MINUSCA) and rebel groups seems on the verge of an escalation. The main battlefield is the capital of the country, Bangui. On 13th January 2021,…

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Cameroon. Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi. Not just ‘passing through’.

A fierce opponent of the regime of Paul Biya, he energetically promoted dialogue between the central government and Anglophone separatists. Last November he was the victim of an as yet unexplained kidnapping. They called him Wiyghan, which means ‘one who is passing through’ because his mother had lost her first two children. Born on 15…

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Africa’s hotspots in 2021.

This year many African countries will go through a phase of instability and conflict. Some of them even risk of being torn apart by ethnic tensions and political rivalries. These tensions and rivalries run deep. There is no sign of change in some of these situations, but a change is possible. In this historical moment,…

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North Africa. Revolutions on stand-by.

Ten years after the popular uprisings in North Africa, what has changed? What remains of the movements behind them? The fall of three North African dictators took place in a matter of a few months, in early 2011, under the impulse of the popular revolt. The first to fall was the Tunisian Ben Ali, on…

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Advocating inside the United Nations.

In preparation for the 2021 Financing for Development Forum at the United Nations (UN), the NGO Committee on FfD, a substantive committee of CoNGO (Conference…

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The Hare and the Elephant.

One day the hare, feeling hungry, went to look for food. Now, although he was full of mischief, the hare was also very lazy, and whenever…

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Youth & Mission

Taizé. Hoping in Season and out of Season.

In the last few months, many young people have shared with us their worries about the future: what hope can give us direction; what things can…

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