The USA in Africa. Boots on the ground.

The presence of American soldiers on the field is still strategic. General Michael Langley, the new commander of Africom, has the task of forging military pacts with many African countries and of facing new threats: from jihadist hotbeds to the expansion of Beijing and Moscow’s spheres of influence. Michael Langley is the new general at…

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Postcard from Ghana. The Culture of Sewing.

Sewing and fabrics speak of Ghana, not only for the millions of dollars that the sector generates every year but also for how deeply this tradition is rooted in every corner of the country. Cities like Kpando, where workshops invade the streets, are proof of this. In Kpando, a town of about 28,000 inhabitants located…

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Lesotho. The Troubled Waters.

The wealth generated by the abundance of water has not prevented the increasingly vulnerable country from suffering for decades from land degradation. The government, civil society, and rural communities, with the technical and financial support of the international community, is trying to tackle the problem. Lesotho is known as the Kingdom of Heaven. Two thirds…

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Ghana. Adowa, the Unique Dance Style of the Ashanti.

It is one of the most popular and unique dance styles practiced in Ghana. It belongs to an ethnic group called ‘Ashanti’, which is a part of the Akan community group. The Adowa dance relates to the word Sankofa. Sankofa (sahn-KO-fah [san: ‘to return’] plus [ko: ‘to go’] plus [fa: ‘to look, to seek and…

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São Tomé and Príncipe. A Lost Paradise.

São Tomé and Príncipe, a former Portuguese colony, is among the smallest independent states in the world. It is composed of an archipelago located off the Atlantic coast of the African continent, opposite the Gulf of Guinea and located just north of the equatorial line. In addition to the two main islands of São Tomé…

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The shadow of China.

The economy of São Tomè and Princìpe is poor. The main resources are linked to the tourism, fishing, and cocoa sectors, with most of the population working in public services and agricultural and subsistence activities. The succession of various governments over the years has not created the conditions to put a stop to rampant poverty,…

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The DRC vows to become a world leader in car batteries but challenges remain.

The country has the ambition to become the world leader in batteries for electric cars. But despite its huge mining assets, important challenges must be addressed. Besides its copper and gold mines, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is endowed with the minerals of the energy transition. During his visit to President Felix Tshisekedi…

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The political and economic problems.

Having obtained independence from the mother country, the country was led for 16 years by a socialist regime, headed by Manuel Pinto da Costa. Within a decade, a strong disaffection towards the establishment grew among the population; it was mainly caused by the economic decline, the impact of which on living conditions was considerable. This…

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A long road to Independence.

The islands of São Tomé and Príncipe were deserted until their discovery by Portuguese navigators. Even today we do not know for certain the date of this event or the names of those who first discovered the islands. According to some scholars they were discovered by João de Santarém and Pedro de Escobar in 1451,…

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The Cities of Africa. Urban and Decolonial.

The key to understanding the growth of cities in the African continent. At a frenetic pace, Africa has gone from being the least urbanized continent to be the fastest urbanizing region on the planet. With urbanisms and complex dynamics as diverse as the histories that have shaped them, African metropolises today stretch across the continent…

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Herbs & Plants. Ageratum Conyzoides. The ‘Goat Weed’ Remedy.

This plant has been used in various parts of Africa in folk medicine to treat a diversity of ailments including skin complaints, cuts, burns, pneumonia, sleeping sickness, and stomachache. The juice of the fresh plant or an extract of the dried plant is used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. Ageratum conyzoides (Family…

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Africa Political Forecast 2023.

Elections in the most populated country of the continent, Nigeria, and the expansion of jihadism are some of the main challenges expected this year. Many elections are scheduled this year in Africa but several are likely to be postponed. In West Africa, parliamentary elections scheduled for 8 January 2023 in Benin should be more open…

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Lost for Words.

To save biodiversity, we must save human diversity. Many Indigenous languages are 'dying out'. What is not often discussed, however, is the fact that the languages…

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Her Great Dream.

On the heights of a remote village at the bottom of a valley lived a melancholic girl who had not known her parents, who had died…

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Youth & Mission

Iran. Young Generation: “We want to be free”.

The current Iranian Revolution is entering its fourth month, with people all over Iran protesting. Iran’s Gen Z is leading the charge as the loudest voice…

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