Arms Trafficking. The Sahel Connection.

The arms trade criss-crosses the Sahel region. To the north highly organised networks of traffickers operate. On the opposite bank the local intermediaries come into play. The Niger River is over four thousand kilometres long. It is an impressive current of fresh water which, from the Loma Mountains, on the border between Sierra Leone and…

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Uganda. Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli, a Blessed for Africa.

On 22 November 2020, the Italian Comboni priest Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli will be beatified in Kalongo in the north of Uganda. A story of dedication to the poor as a doctor and missionary. It was the summer of 1949 when a young doctor asked to enter the Congregation of the Comboni Missionaries. In his letter…

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Gambling in Africa.

It is illegal in just seven countries. In the continent it is an industry with large profit margins. A market in rapid development due to the internet, smartphones and online payment systems. Is it harmless? A market worth billions of dollars. It is a transverse passion involving mostly young people but also women and the…

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Angola. The fall of the Dos Santos Empire.

After targeting the President’s son, the Angolan justice, it has frozen the assets of his daughter, the richest woman of the continent and everyone now wonders whether the former head of state is next on the list. The wind of reform is blowing strongly in Angola since the election of the new president João Lourenço…

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Herbs & Plants. Manilkara mochisia. A vital medicine plant.

It is used to treat backache and brittle bones. The decoction from the leaves is used to deal with depression. Medicinal plants play an integral role in traditional medicines across the world and have been used for centuries in treatment and management of numerous disease conditions. In fact, numerous cultures still rely on indigenous medicinal…

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Uganda. Giving Away the Bride.

With the Ankole people in the Western part of Uganda, the bride’s parents hand her to the groom’s parents during a special ceremony called Okuhingira. It was one month already since Mbabazi’s fiance Byaruhanga paid her bride price to her parents and since her wedding was just two weeks away, Mbabazi’s parents organised her okuhingira…

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Chad / Mons. Miguel Sebastian, “Let us not be intimidated by the regime”.

A country where injustice and impunity reign. A government that threatens the Church. Youth in search of a better future. An interview with Mons. Miguel Sebastian, Bishop of Sahr in the south-west of the country.  “We have here the government of Idriss Déby Itno, President since 1990, a government that does what it likes. The…

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Burkina Faso. The weak link in the fight against terrorism in Sahel.

The country has become the main concern of the commanders in charge of the fight against terrorism in Sahel. As its neighbours, Mali and Niger are unable to cope with the jihadist threat; Burkina Faso is increasingly under attack and appears as the weak link in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel region. Since…

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Uganda. The colour of the cows.

In the Karimojong group living in north-east Uganda, the number of cows determined readiness for marriage.  Among the Karimojong people marriage meant wealth for the girl’s family and pride to the man. They would not match-make their children and neither was there any kind of courtship. It was about strength and wealth.Once a young Karimojong…

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Zimbabwe. Street children in Harare.

Hundreds of street children roam the centre of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, living in subhuman conditions. Many of them are second generation victims: their poverty is a consequence of their orphanhood. Their parents died from HIV and now they are all alone without family, living on the street and, in some cases, in a…

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Niger. At the Crossroads.

General elections are scheduled at the end of 2020. The economy faces huge changes and the country, which is the main transit area for migrants towards Europe is caught between three fronts by jihadists, in addition to the climate change challenges Presidential and legislative elections which have been postponed several times, owing to rainy seasons…

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Slash and Burn Agriculture.

Owing to a lack of evolution of agricultural techniques, slash-and-burn agriculture remains the most frequent practice in Central Africa. During centuries, a balance was maintained between resources and exploitation, owing to low population density but now with the generalized use of chainsaws, this balance has gone, says Trefon.  Besides, except for the very fertile soils…

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The president Trump’s plan for ‘Peace to Prosperity’.

“President Trump announced the launch of his Deal of the Century to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine.” “Donald Trump’s peace plan isn’t a plan…

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The Hippo and the Elephant.

Once upon a time it so happened that there was a Hippopotamus and an Elephant living in the same ancient forest, in the same ancient land…

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Youth & Mission

African Youth activists and climate change.

Africa emits only 5% of world greenhouse gas emissions yet is most at risk from worsening heatwaves, droughts and floods. African youth activists urged their governments to…

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