Slash and Burn Agriculture.

Owing to a lack of evolution of agricultural techniques, slash-and-burn agriculture remains the most frequent practice in Central Africa. During centuries, a balance was maintained between resources and exploitation, owing to low population density but now with the generalized use of chainsaws, this balance has gone, says Trefon.  Besides, except for the very fertile soils…

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Burkina Faso. Restoring their dignity.

The Pan-Bila — which in the Mossi language means ‘Small Power’ — is a place that welcomes the poor and the needy, especially children and young girls who live on the streets and have been the victims of violence. She has the face of a child but life has already made her an adult. Relwende…

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Logging, a Major Threat.

Logging is another major threat. It provokes soil erosion, water pollution and reduces the regeneration capacity of the forest, warns the Central African Forests Observatory (OFAC). Moreover, it contributes to the densification of the human presence in the forests, opening roads to poachers and itinerant farmers or charcoal producers. Illegal logging is continuing as showed…

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Ecumenism in Africa. Dialogue in the continent of diversity.

In ancient times, the word ecumene denoted the whole known world and defined that portion of the earth that was inhabited, in contrast with the lands as yet unknown. Later, the concept of ecumenism attained a religious meaning referring to the movements within Christianity that aimed at unifying their various denominations, separated by questions of…

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African Forests in Danger.

According to recent NASA satellite information there are five times more wildfires burning in Africa than in the Amazon. Deforestation must be seen as global threat. The phenomenon is general in Africa, in particular in the Congo Basin, one of the main biodiversity sanctuaries of the planet with over a thousand bird species, 1300 butterfly…

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Climate Change and Biological Invasion.

Central African forests are also vulnerable to the effects of climate change which could generate negative consequences for biodiversity. Indeed, since 1950, a trend showing a rise of temperatures and another indicating lower precipitations, albeit differently according to the regions, have been observed. Some studies indicate a decrease of rainfall on large parts of the…

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Africa 2020. Between Elections and Conflicts.

Existing and looming conflicts, “third-termism” and rigged elections are the main challenges. The Jihadist threat, the leaders’ will to stay in power beyond constitutional terms, possibly rigged elections and looming conflicts in the Great Lakes Region are the main challenges for 2020. The result of the parliamentary elections in Egypt at the end of 2020…

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Africa’s Hotspots in 2020.

This year there will be several security hotspots around the continent. We focus on six African countries three in the centre (Cameroon, the Central African Republic, DR. Congo) and   three in the West (Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali). On 9th February 2020 national and local elections are scheduled to take place in Cameroon. At the moment,…

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Kenya. The Blood of the Lamb.

The Gabbra are a nomadic people who live in the north-west of Kenya and the south of Ethiopia. An account of the celebration of ‘The Lamb of the Sacred Enclosure’. “Orjale, you who were born on the mountains of Ethiopia, come to the feast with your spouse Bimbirra and your son Dida”. With these words…

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Somalia. An atmosphere of Tension and Instability.

Mogadishu and the Federal States are on a collision course regarding different issues, especially the management of the elections to be held next year, the first since 1969. The bordering countries such as Kenya and the Arab states are fanning the flames of the crisis. The coming months will be crucial for Somalia. In 2020,…

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Narco-Trafficking.The African routes.

The continent of Africa is becoming one of the major transit hubs for the movement of drugs. In a report of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) stated that ‘With their experience in the field of contraband hashish and heroin, the drugs cartels of Western Africa are seeking new contacts in Latin America to extend…

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Uganda. Educating the heart.

A Catholic nurse dedicates her life to Meeting Point International, an association that takes care of more than two thousand orphans and HIV positive women. Kireka is one of the slums of Kampala, the Ugandan capital. It is an enormous area of houses made of iron sheets where around 70,000 people live. It is there…

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Homelessness, an Unexpected Advocacy.

Advocacy is about defending a noble cause and denouncing oppression and injustice. However, it should be also a source of inspiration for alternative solutions to…

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How the hare lost his tail.

One day in the long, long ago the hare was walking through the forest. He was a good farmer and was on his way to inspect…

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Youth & Mission

Our Right to Speak for Climate Justice.

Hundreds of thousands of young people have taken to the streets from Johannesburg to London to demand radical action on the unfolding ecological emergency. It is a…

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