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Father Charles Nyamiti. “An ancestor in African Theology.”

The Tanzanian-born priest, Fr. Charles Nyamiti, will be remember as eminent pioneer of African Theology “brewed in an African pot.” In the strict sense of the concept, “African Theology” as a theological genre within the Christian churches (and, in the specific case of this article, within the Catholic Church), is barely 60 years old. The…

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Nigeria. The dance of the street children.

The Dream Catchers Academy is an organisation that helps street children. To give them some dignity and a future. Lagos is the biggest city in the whole of the African continent and one of the most densely populated in the world. It is so big that other ‘cities’ have formed within Lagos itself. In the…

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The Energy Transition Paradox in Africa.

The binding agreement of the Paris Conference (COP 21) on climate change established the objective of reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This reduction of CO2 is considered essential to significantly reduce the risks produced by climate change, as well as the rising sea level. The Agreement established a global action plan to limit the…

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Bangladesh. My life and Hope for the Sick.

She manages the Damien Hospital, the only specialized facility to treat leprosy, tuberculosis and AIDS in all of southern Bangladesh. An Italian medical doctor, and a Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Congregation missionary, Sister Roberta Pignone manages the Damien. She spoke to us about her work and faith. Khulna is the third largest city in…

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African Independence. For a new Pan-Africanism.

Almost all the African constitutions declare their adhesion to Pan Africanism in their preambles and many governments include a ministry of regional integration, and so underline the primacy of a project of African unity. The result has been a surprising institutional dynamism that has been active in the continent from 1960 to the present day,…

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Somalia. Glimmers of hope.

After decades of distrust and hostility, the Somali brothers from Mogadishu, from the break-away state of Somaliland and from the federal states of Somalia are talking to each other.  Regional and international partners are trying to help. Meanwhile, Somalia’s parliament removed Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire from his post in a vote of no confidence…

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Herbs & Plants. Rhus vulgaris Meikle. An Important Herbal Medicinal Plant.

Vital in traditional medicine for the treatment and management of various disease conditions. The ash is used for oxytocic action, and externally, the ash is applied for the treatment of scabies. The Yje plant possesses potent sources of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. Articles about the use of plants as a source of medicine for the…

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Afghanistan. Among the children of Kabul.

The long years of conflict have transformed Afghanistan into one of the worst countries in the world to be a child. Being so young they have to struggle to survive and yet there is no shortage of dreams or ambition. A loud explosion. A large black cloud of smoke darkens the blue sky over Kabul.…

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African Independence. Sixty years on.

Sixty years ago, seventeen African countries became independent. Enough time has gone by to take stock of the situation of the continent and, especially, to plan for the future. In 1961, when African independence was beginning, the French agronomist René Dumont, the author, among other books, of The Hungry Future, denounced the mistaken path taken…

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Death & Last Funeral Rites.

Death is a sad and dark time among the Baganda. Loss of a loved one is usually a very painful time. The Baganda don’t keep a dead body for long, so that when someone dies in Buganda, the body is kept for one day and buried on the second day. The Kabaka of Buganda never…

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Chad. Cereal Banks.

In Chad, a missionary who has lived in the country for over 53 years creates a Cereal Bank. A strategy which has proved successful. Today, 346 banks have formed a federation with as many as 35,000 members benefiting 350,000 people. The project is still growing right where the harvest is more precious than gold. “Our…

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Rely on one own strength first.

We are in Pikine, a Dakar suburb, Senegal. Father Armel Duteil, is the one telling the story. He is an 80-year-old Spiritan missionary. French by…

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The Water-Buffalo and the Tiger.

Once there lived a hard-working farmer in a small village who had a water-buffalo. Every day, with his plough on his shoulder, he led his water-buffalo…

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Youth & Mission

Nine Challenges Facing Young People in Syria.

For over nine years, violence and displacement have devastated opportunities for youth across the country. Here are nine of the most pressing challenges facing young people…

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