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Mission. Sharing Our Life.

Three African Comboni Missionaries share their vocation journey and their pastoral experience. My name is Father Nicholas Onyait and I am 33 years old. I was born in Kokorio village, in the Eastern Region of Uganda. I attribute my vocation to my early childhood years. My family was so close to the Church. We used…

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Narrative African Voices in Print and on the Web.

A panorama of the newspapers founded by African intellectuals who gave and are still giving a black tone to cultural and literary production. To change the narrative on Africa, it is necessary to have spaces where this narrative can be initiated. Unique and original spaces. Original spaces that emerge from autochthonous roots. These places, whether…

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Egypt. Anaphora, the Monastery of Encounter.

The situation of Christians in Egypt is that of a varied minority. They do not always succeed in living as brothers and sisters. Nevertheless, the reality of encounter and fraternity is a real possibility. The monastery of Anaphora is a place that bears witness to this. A young Comboni Missionary tells us about it. Christian…

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The Buffalo and the Bees.

It was while grazing one night under the watchful eye of the king of the night and his tribe of stars, that the leader of a herd of very strong buffaloes decided to move to a place where there was better grazing. They journeyed for many days and arrived at a place where life was…

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Africa. The Rural Market.

In the world of rural Africa, the market is not just a place for buying and selling or commercial exchange. All over the continent, the market is a place characterised by an intense celebration of social exchange and becomes a place of encounter between the scattered members of one’s family, one’s own village and of…

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Social reform starts at the grassroots.

Big rivers emerge from small springs. They spring forth in remote hills. Big ideas to change the world are also born on the edge. Great movements to transform societies do not start from the centre: they start in small places and incubate in some unknown sections of society. Rosa Parks refused to give up her…

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Gulf of Guinea: the new hotspot of the US-China rivalry.

In the context of the US military presence in Taiwan and US Navy incursions in the China Sea, Beijing’ s plans to set up a naval base in Equatorial Guinea is rising tensions between both superpowers. A Chinese base on the Atlantic might also increase NATO’s involvement in Africa. On the last 5 December, the…

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Catholic Radio Stations in Africa. Educating, Informing, Transforming.

There are more than two hundred radio, from Angola to Zambia reaching millions of people. They promote peace, human rights, education, health, and development. They endeavour to heal the wounds of traumas. They are the voice of the voiceless, though sometimes silenced. Three stories of resilience and success: Radio Sol Mansi, in Guinea-Bissau; Catholic Radio…

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Urban Markets.

Approaching the market of any African city, the visitor is immediately involved. The eyes are struck by the gaudy colours of thousands of objects, clothes, fruit of all kinds piled up everywhere, the continual sounds of people speaking or shouting, pleasant and obnoxious odours all mixed together, people bumping into each other, brushing by or…

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Central African Republic. Working together for peace and stability.

Christians and Muslims work together to prevent Islamic radicalism from taking hold in the country. We met some religious leaders. Abdoulaye Ouasselegue, currently Imam of the Petevo mosque in Bangui, quoted the prophet Muhammad during a Friday prayer sermon and exhorted his faithful to keep their teeth clean. I had heard that Muslims revere the…

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Music. Mina, ‘the veiled rapper’.

Everything was against her. Aminata Gaye – Mina ‘the veiled one’ is her stage name – was raised in a traditional Senegalese family, when she realised that music made her a self-confident person, she knew there was no way back. She started to fight for her dreams and for a better society. “I cannot be…

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West Africa. The Variety of the Markets.

In some rural areas of the Sahel such as the Mossi plateau in the north of Burkina Faso, or in the region of Atakora in northern Benin, one has the impression of never coming across a village. There is nothing but dwellings scattered throughout the bush, apparently independent of each other; the country people live…

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The Declaration of Human Rights is for all.

December 10, 2023, marks the 75th anniversary of the universal promulgation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its adoption by the United Nations…

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The Hare and the Elephant.

There was once a herd of elephants who went to gather honey to take to their in-laws. As they were walking along, they came upon Hare who was…

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Youth & Mission

Mission. To give meaning to life.

Three young Comboni Missionaries from different countries speak about their vocation and missionary experience. My name is Lwanga Kakule Silusawa a Comboni missionary brother working in our…

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