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Saudi Arabia vs United Arab Emirates. A geopolitical and economic competition.

For more than two decades, the Gulf monarchies have found themselves at the centre of countless geopolitical, economic, and strategic challenges at the regional level. Among these, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have emerged as pivotal actors in the climate of strong transformations taking place in the whole…

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Colombia. Afro Centre. A Place of Sharing.

In Tumaco, Colombia, a decade ago, the Afro Youth Centre was established to enable young people to work for social transformation using art, culture, group work and a communitarian experience of faith. Tumaco is located in the extreme southwest of Colombia, in the Pacific region bordering Ecuador, far from the political and economic centres of…

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Mission. Life is a gift.

Three young Comboni Sisters talk about their missionary experience. My name is Sr. Carla Mora from Costa Rica. I have been in Mozambique for almost fifteen years.  I have to say that embracing the missionary life has not been easy, because it implies renunciation, adherence, fidelity and, above all, much faith in the One who…

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Food Security and Advocacy. Ubuntu Project.

The food crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic has opened new ways towards sustainability and self-reliance through vegetable gardens in the less-privileged communities of Johannesburg. In February 2020, Seed Community’s Green Business College (GBC) in partnership with Tim Nectare Farms launched the Ubuntu Project (www.ubuntuproject. africa) aimed at providing fresh food boxes and setting up…

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Chad. A Mortgaged Country.

The interests of multinationals often coincide with those of the leaders of some countries. Chad and Glencore, among the largest commodity trading companies in the world, could be an example. The agreement of the government of N’Djamena with the multinational only served to further empty the meagre coffers of the African country. On the death…

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The Great Federation.

The Emirate Federation, created in 1971 out of the union of the six monarchies (seven since 1972), is unique in the Arab world since it is made up of absolute hereditary monarchies headed by a sheikh who functions as an absolute sovereign within his own state. In virtue of its constitution, the Emirates enjoy autonomy…

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Mexico. Towards a New Phase of Militarization.

Three years after the establishment of the Guardia Nacional, created for the ‘prevention and fight against crime’, it has not produced the desired results. Violence on the increase.  Journalists the first in the firing line. Under the presidency of López Obrador, the Guardia Nacional project eventually came into being. The new body was formed by…

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African Alphabets. A Great Cultural Heritage.

Africa is probably the place in the world where oral tradition has had the greatest influence on the preservation and transmission of knowledge. The continent has a long tradition of writing which, in some places, has led its inhabitants to develop complex alphabets and ideograms, some of which have been created in recent times. Egyptian…

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Colombia. A Left Turn.

On May 29, the first round of presidential elections takes place in Colombia, the third-largest electorate in Latin America in terms of population. It is a country that has been ruled for more than six decades by centre-right forces, following an agreement between them after a long period of political instability, dictatorships and violence, in…

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Jordan. A Hospital in the Land of Moab.

Since 1935, at Karak, in the poorest province of the country, the Comboni Sisters have been running a hospital for the poorest people, especially refugees. Karak is an ancient city located on the top of the mountains that flank the road of the Kings: an ancient through road that ends in the Valley of Moab.…

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Kirill I, The African.

There are over one hundred priests serving on the African continent who have left the Patriarchate of Alexandria (Egypt) to move to that of Moscow. The Russian Patriarch Kirill I, very loyal to Putin, was responsible for the manoeuvre, in opposition to Tawadros II of Alexandria. There are one hundred and two priests serving in…

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Patricia Gualinga. Defending the Amazon Rivers.

She is a Kichwa Indigenous leader of the Sarayaku people in Ecuador. “When you begin a fight against global economic interests, your life is always…

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The Mysteries of the Forest.

Many years ago, peace reigned in the forest under the rule of the leopard, the ruler of all animals. But one day news spread that a monster…

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Youth & Mission

Mission. The Challenges Ahead.

Three young Comboni missionaries talk about their vocation and their pastoral journeys. My name is David Costa Domingues, a Comboni missionary from Portugal.  I have just celebrated…

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