Catholic Church. The Apostolic Exhortation. Praise God for all his creatures.

In his latest apostolic exhortation, Laudate Deum, Pope Francis has highlighted the urgency of every person doing their best to minimize the effects of climate change. The exhortation, published on the Feast of St Francis of Assisi this year, is a follow-up on his profoundly significant encyclical, Laudato Si’, published at Pentecost in 2015. In…

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World Youth Day. Pope Francis: “Each of us is an “original”.

More than one and a half million people took part in World Youth Day (Lisbon, 1- 6 August).  Fragments of the Pope’s speeches. “You are not here by accident. The Lord has called you, not only in these days but from the very beginning of your days. He called you by name. Each of us…

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Interreligious Dialogue. “We are all in the same boat”.

Share your faith. Approach the other without fear. Look to the future with hope. The document on ‘Human Fraternity’ signed in Abu Dhabi, a new road map for Humanity. We spoke with Comboni Cardinal Miguel Ángel Ayuso, Prefect of the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue. What is the meaning of interreligious dialogue? It is mainly a…

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Towards the 2023 Synod. Dialogue. The Proposal of a Decalogue.

If ‘dialogue’ means ‘meeting through the word’ (‘dia-logos’), dialogue is necessary to walk together, to live, that is, that style of ‘synodality’ (‘synod’ means ‘journey made together’), with which Pope Francis is calling the Church to face the challenges and promises of our times. To experience an authentic synodal process, the Church must increasingly be…

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Synodality. The Whole Church in creative journey of faith.

Pope Francis transforms the Synod of Bishops from an ‘event’ to a ‘process’, with the People of God at the centre. The synod will comprise three phases, the final one – a fundamental step – being the celebration of the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in October 2023. The articulation of the different…

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Evangelizing in a Changing World.

In the face of epochal transformations, the missionary service is called to renew itself. A Comboni Missionary looks at innovative ways of evangelizing in line with the teaching of the Church.   The dynamics of globalization and of the digital revolution, on top of the dominant neo-liberal financial capitalism, are shaping the world in a…

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Little Sister Magdeleine on the way to sainthood.

Pope Francis has approved a decree on the heroic virtues of the Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus, who – inspired by the spirituality of St Charles de Foucauld – founded the Little Sisters of Jesus. She used to say: “I am never so close to God as when I am travelling”. Magdeleine Hutin (Little Sister…

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Talitha Kum. Stop Human Trafficking.

A worldwide network of consecrated life determined to put an end to the trafficking of persons by means of collaborative initiatives centred upon prevention, protection, and social reinsertion. The network is present in 92 countries. Joy is a young girl from Benin City, the capital of Edo state in the south of Nigeria. A beautiful…

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Being Together and Sharing.

Two Comboni missionary sisters from DR Congo share their experience.  Compassion, commitment, and hope are the ways they share their life with people. My name is Sr. Bernadette Idey, my missionary vocation brought me to live in the Middle East, Zambia, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, my native country, where I have been…

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Sister Nathalie Becquart. To make History.

The meaning of the first appointment of a woman under-secretary of the most important Vatican Secretariat. Who is Nathalie Becquart, the first woman with the right to vote in the Synod of Bishops? An enlightened move to strengthen the role of women in the Church; such seemed to be the choice of Pope Francis with…

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Comboni Lay Missionaries. Getting involved.

It is more than 30 years since the Comboni Family has been enriched by the presence of lay people, both single and married who decide to dedicate a period of their lives to work in the mission. Alberto de la Portillas, the general coordinator of the Comboni Lay Missionaries explains  what it is about. The…

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El Hadji Salifou Ouédraogo. The Man Who Plants Baobabs.

The African baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) symbolizes thriving life in the arid landscape of the savannah, providing shelter, food, and water for humans and various…

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Why Spider Lives in Ceilings.

Once upon a time, the rainy season came to the forest, as it must come every year. But this time there was more rain than ever…

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Youth & Mission

World Youth Day 2023. Young Ukrainians: The Cry of Pain.

More than one and a half million young people, the highest number ever, flew to Lisbon and filled its narrow and cobbled streets with its numerous…

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