World Council of Churches. Towards a missionary ecumenical movement.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has chosen Africa for the next World Mission Conference to be held in Arusha, Tanzania, 8-13 March 2018. One of the goals is the establishment of a missionary ecumenical movement. After sixty years Africa will once again host the World Mission Conference, the most relevant ecumenical event on the…

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The Exhortation. A conscience that listens to the Word of God.

In all, nine chapters and 264 pages, a long and complex document: Amoris Laetitia, ‘The Joy of Love’ is the document with which Pope Francis concludes the process of the two Synods dedicated to the family. Here is a commentary by the Prior of Bose, Enzo Bianchi. The fruit of listening and discernment by the…

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The Doors of Mercy

The decision to open Holy Doors worldwide has drawn attention to several difficult realities, often ignored by media. For the first time, by the will of the Pope, the Holy Doors for the Jubilee of Mercy were opened not only in Rome but throughout the world, and not only the doors of cathedrals and shrines,…

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Towards a new Covenant

Creation is the great sacrament of God. All creatures are the manifestation of His beauty and wisdom. God cannot be praised in the middle of ugliness and trash. A reflection which help us to understand the meaning of the importance  of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will be held in Paris, this month…

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The Jubilee of Mercy

The extraordinary Holy Year declared by Pope Francis (December 8, 2015 – November 20, 2016) will have at its centre the mercy of God. The ‘Misericordiae Vultus’, Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy outlines the main themes and intentions for the Jubilee. The name ‘jubilee’ is derived from the Hebrew jobel, the…

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Antarctica. Missionaries at the end of the earth.

Two missionaries talk to us about their mission at the Antarctic glaciers. White is made up of many colours. “It can be as cold as 60° below zero here, but despite that, it has been a magnificent experience”,  Father Dan Doyle tells Southworld. He is going to be the last among the New Zealand priests…

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Missionary Perspectives of a Local Church

The risk of losing the meaning of the universal Church. There is no such thing as an exclusively missionary Church that sends any more than there is an exclusively missionary Church that receives. His Eminence, Manila Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle speaks on the topic. The bishops and clergy, through pastoral care, render an admirable service…

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Pope Francis: “ To go to the peripheries”

This year World Mission Day is Sunday 18 October 2015. In his message, Pope Francis writes: “Being a missionary is not about proselytizing or mere strategy; mission is part of the “grammar” of faith, something essential for those who listen to the voice of the Spirit who whispers “Come” and “Go forth”.  A synthesis of his…

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Asia. Women theologians. Sharing solidarity

Asian women theologian are playing an important role in the church and in the society, by empowering women to liberate themselves from oppressive situations. Asia is blessed with plurality of cultures and religions. The presence of many cultures and religions make Asia vibrant and colourful. Religion plays a major role in peoples’ lives. The sense…

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Spiritual Economy to Live Well

Spirituality must give a soul to the economy. “The market was made for human beings and not human beings for the market”. When a Brazilian company built the Tucuruí hydroelectric dam in the Amazon, different groups in defence of the Indians tried to impede the construction. When they could do so no more, they insisted…

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World Mission Day – A Celebration of Grace and Joy

This year’s World Mission Day falls on 19th October under the theme: ‘I will build my church’ (Mt.16:18). In his message Pope Francis said that “World Mission Day is a privileged moment when the faithful of various continents engage in prayer and concrete gestures of solidarity”. A synthesis of his message. Today vast numbers of…

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South Korea – Education and mission

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  The Catholic Church in Korea has expanded greatly in the last years, more than any other Church in the country. In the last ten years, the number of Catholics increased by 2-3 percent a year, reaching 10.3 percent of the population (5,300,000 Catholics out of 50 million Koreans). This growth is the result of…

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Advocating For Intelligent And Sustainable Earnings.

There is no consistent and successful advocacy but the one founded in strong credibility. Credibility is the quality or power of inspiring belief; it can…

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The Ambitious Ants.

Ants are the busiest creatures in the world. Every ant has a full time job, with no holidays and no half-days off Ants like to work,…

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Youth & Mission

Pope Francis: “Our young people are our foremost mission”.

In his fourth apostolic journey to the African continent, visiting Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius Pope Francis said to young people: “keep dreaming and moving forward”. In…

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