Monthly Archives: May 2023

Unbreakable jars.

Once upon a time, there was a potter, honest and diligent, who made jars of excellent quality and many sizes. He was also a very religious man: in his spare time, he prayed and went to the temple every evening to participate in the ceremonies and sing hymns. Once a week he fasted and always…

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Music. Sounds of Kazakhstan.

Q-pop is the Kazakh-language musical genre that is becoming widespread. A mix of western pop, electronic dance, rhythm’n’blues and hip-hop. A land where the Silk Road passes, Kazakhstan gained independence in 1990 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. A complex and multi-ethnic land – in addition to the Russians and Kazakhs, there are Uzbeks,…

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Between terrorist threats and Unsolved problems.

The political instability seen before, the ethnic tensions both in the country and in the region, the collapse of the institutions in some of the neighbouring countries (first Mali then Burkina Faso) and other factors created the conditions for an increase of the terrorist risk in Ivory Coast Jihadist groups linked to Al Qaeda or…

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Interreligious Dialogue. “We are all in the same boat”.

Share your faith. Approach the other without fear. Look to the future with hope. The document on ‘Human Fraternity’ signed in Abu Dhabi, a new road map for Humanity. We spoke with Comboni Cardinal Miguel Ángel Ayuso, Prefect of the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue. What is the meaning of interreligious dialogue? It is mainly a…

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DR Congo. North and South Kivu, Security Companies, Business as Usual.

In the eastern regions of the country, strong presence of Wagner paramilitaries, arms traffickers, and former soldiers of the Foreign Legion. Former soldiers of the Soviet Armed Forces, veterans of the French Foreign Legion, businessmen engaged in arms trafficking and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are used as a front to finance rebel militias. It looks like…

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Africa. The New Eldorado of Beer.

Competing for the continent are the French Groupe Castel and the Dutch Heineken. An informal economy strongly rooted not only in the villages but also in the big cities, slow and insufficiently extensive distribution channels for goods, and low purchasing power on the part of the local populations are the three factors that in recent…

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Libya. The missing Uranium: a boomerang effect of NATO’s attack of 2011.

The revelation that 2.5 tonnes of uranium were missing from a warehouse in Southern Libya, by the International Atomic Energy Agency provides one more example of the damaging consequences of the 2011 attack by NATO to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. In 2016, President Barrack Obama admitted that this Libyan episode was the worst mistake of…

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Africa and the Synod. Walking Together.

The upcoming World Synod of Bishops and its preparations in synodal processes around the world show how the signs of the times challenge the Church today in the light of the Gospel. We can no longer hide the great general problems currently shaking it. Sr. Anne Béatrice Faye, Senegalese, a religious of the Congregation of…

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Rwanda. The Power of the Beat.

Ingoma Nshya is the country’s first female percussion troupe. Reconciliation, healing and peace are part of the group journey. We went to meet them. About 125 kilometres south of Kigali, and after an endless sequence of hills, is Huye. With nearly 320,000 inhabitants, until 2013 it housed the oldest university in the country. Here you…

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Ivory Coast. An uncertain future.

A leading country in West Africa, Ivory Coast has weaknesses that could not only block economic development but also lead to turmoil. The consequences of two civil wars fought in the past decades are still felt and the leadership, who is responsible for these wars, has not yet implemented measures that could avoid the troubles…

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Mozambique. The Tete Mines Business.

The extraction and export of fossil deposits from the Mozambican province has grown in recent years. The benefits go into the pockets of Indian and Maputo companies. The local population not only does not see the fruits but is exploited and removed from their land. The bulldozers dig into the earth, lift tons of coal…

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The Declaration of Human Rights is for all.

December 10, 2023, marks the 75th anniversary of the universal promulgation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its adoption by the United Nations…

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The Hare and the Elephant.

There was once a herd of elephants who went to gather honey to take to their in-laws. As they were walking along, they came upon Hare who was…

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Youth & Mission

Mission. To give meaning to life.

Three young Comboni Missionaries from different countries speak about their vocation and missionary experience. My name is Lwanga Kakule Silusawa a Comboni missionary brother working in our…

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