Africa/Latin America

Africa. Chocolate Can Be Sustainable.

Deforestation, exploitation of labour, including minors and the use of pesticides. All too often chocolate has a bitter taste. Yet, a multiplicity of experiences is succeeding to make the cocoa supply chain sustainable. ‘The food of the gods’. This is the meaning of the Mayan expression ‘kakaw uhanal’ from which the term ‘cocoa’ derives. According…

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Lost for Words.

To save biodiversity, we must save human diversity. Many Indigenous languages are 'dying out'. What is not often discussed, however, is the fact that the languages…

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Her Great Dream.

On the heights of a remote village at the bottom of a valley lived a melancholic girl who had not known her parents, who had died…

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Youth & Mission

Iran. Young Generation: “We want to be free”.

The current Iranian Revolution is entering its fourth month, with people all over Iran protesting. Iran’s Gen Z is leading the charge as the loudest voice…

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