Africa/Latin America

Africa. Chocolate Can Be Sustainable.

Deforestation, exploitation of labour, including minors and the use of pesticides. All too often chocolate has a bitter taste. Yet, a multiplicity of experiences is succeeding to make the cocoa supply chain sustainable. ‘The food of the gods’. This is the meaning of the Mayan expression ‘kakaw uhanal’ from which the term ‘cocoa’ derives. According…

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Kenya. Mama Shamsa. “I am a mother to them”.

Faced with the violence of criminal gangs that have overwhelmed the lives of many children, the Kenyan activist opened the doors of her home, giving…

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Maya. The Magic Town.

The ltzaes, a brave and peaceful group of Maya have been in these lands since time immemorial. They were led by a priest named Zamna, and while…

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Youth & Mission

World Youth Day. Pope Francis: “Each of us is an…

More than one and a half million people took part in World Youth Day (Lisbon, 1- 6 August).  Fragments of the Pope's speeches. “You are not here…

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