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Turkey and the earthquake: what are its implications for the future?

Between the night and early afternoon of Monday 6 February, two violent earthquakes struck south-eastern Turkey and north-western Syria, causing what Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called the greatest disaster recorded in the Country since 1939, the year in which the earthquake in Erzincan killed about 33,000 people and injured more than 100,000. The two…

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Yvette Mushigo, Breaking the Silence.

The Congolese activist and jurist Yvette Mushigo is the coordinator of the Synergie des Femmes pour la Paix et la Réconciliation (SPR), a network of associations operating in Bukavu (DRC) for women to know and claim their rights. “There are many types of violence that are perpetrated against women. From discrimination in employment and sexual…

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China. Matteo Ricci: the Dialogue of Friendship with the Celestial Empire.

The father of the Chinese Church has been declared venerable by Pope Francis. The great Jesuit from Macerata (Italy)  brought the Gospel to China through friendship and cultural and scientific dialogue. “For me, China has always been a benchmark of greatness. A great country. But more than a country, a great culture with inexhaustible wisdom.…

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Kenya. ‘Making Our Dreams Come True’.

In northern Kenya, in the Samburu region, many young girls are married off to adult men at an early age against their will. A Centre run by nuns welcomes them to give them dignity and a possible future. Nothing made Lilian suspect that her childhood would abruptly end that day. Returning from school, she saw…

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Books. Spring Reading.

Three interesting books for this spring. The modern world is built on commodities – from the oil that fuels our cars to the metals that power our smartphones. We rarely stop to consider where they come from. But we should. In “The World for Sale”, two leading journalists Javier Blas and Jack Farchy lift the…

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Japan and the Philippines Closer to Responding to China.

The two countries are preparing to increase cooperation in the military and strategic fields. Both countries share the same concerns about China and have unresolved territorial disputes with Beijing.  For the first time since 1945, the Japanese Air Force participated in the military exercises of the Army of the Philippines which were held from November…

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Uganda. Acholi Marriage. Not before Sunset.

The Acholi people live in Northern Uganda. They have a rich and diverse cultural heritage. Most of it is expressed in a wide variety of rites, dance, and music. We look at Acholi traditional marriage. Marriage is still one of the biggest ceremonies among the Acholi. Preparing for a traditional marriage among the people of…

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DR Congo. Pope Francis. “Hands off Africa!”

“Africa: it is not a mine to be exploited or a land to be plundered”, says Pope Francis. And he invites the church to be close to the people with compassion, consolation and reconciliation. No scheming or compromises with power. “We must raise our voices for the people and for justice.” From Kinshasa, Celin Avil…

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Pope Francis to Congolese Youth.

Looking at the hands with which a different future can be built, Pope Francis suggests “five ingredients for the future”, like the five fingers. In the stadium of the Martyrs of Kinshasa, 65,000 young Congolese welcome Pope Francis with songs and dances, with such unimaginable joy in a country torn apart by violence and wars.…

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How Climate Change Affects Girls and Young Women.

Drought, floods, abnormal heat waves. Today we are faced with a climate crisis that is unprecedented in human history, the consequences of which are there for all to see. It is primarily the inhabitants of the poorest and most vulnerable countries and, more generally, those belonging to the most disadvantaged social groups, especially women, who…

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China: which foreign policy?

The People’s Republic of China urgently needs to revive the national economy after GDP growth stopped at 3% last year, marking the second-worst performance in the last 50 years. However, Beijing’s ambitions have to deal with an extremely unstable and conflictual international context, marked by the persistence of the war in Ukraine, the slowdown of…

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Cinema. Irreducible Women.

 In the film ‘Nanny’, Nikyatu Jusu’s debut horror explores the dark side of the American dream. ‘Hawa’ by Maimouna Doucouré tells all about the world of adolescents without pity. Two films that represent the new wave of contemporary Afro-descendant cinema. ‘Nanny’ by director Nikyatu Jusu is the first horror film to win the prestigious Grand…

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Mohammed Abu-Numer. Building Peace.

A Palestinian transplanted to the United States committed to peace and dialogue, and founder of the Salam Institute, he is the winner of the 2024…

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Cheetah and the Rock Dassie.

The world was a very pleasant place in which to live. All the animals were friends and, although they occasionally had disagreements, they would never think…

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Youth & Mission

Mission. It’s worth it.

They come from three different continents: Asia, Africa and Latin America. They study theology in Granada Spain. The reason why they chose the mission. Here's what…

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