The Economic Crisis.

Pakistan has been in a situation of heavy economic crisis for some time now, perhaps one of the worst in its history, further aggravated by internal political instability and the massive floods of 2022, the toll of which was almost little short of dramatic: around 1,700 people lost their lives, 33 million were left homeless,…

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The challenge of internal security.

Pakistan is experiencing a now prolonged period of political instability which began in April 2022 following a parliamentary motion of no confidence in the then Prime Minister Imran Khan, former cricket star and founder and President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pti). A key role in the development of this crisis was undoubtedly played both by the…

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Diversity of cultural and religious identity.

Pakistan has the second largest Muslim population after Indonesia. Its population is young, with an average age of around 21 years, and is very diverse from an ethnic point of view with notable somatic and cultural varieties. The largest ethnic group is made up of the Panjians who account for approximately 45% of the population,…

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Pakistan. A Long Period of Instability.

A tortuous path towards independence. Contrasts with India. The Kashmir disputes. The power of the military. Economic crisis. Internal security issues. The next general election will be held in January 2024. The young Islamic Republic of Pakistan, officially created in 1956 following the abolition of British rule, is geographically located in South Asia. The territory…

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The Philippines. Let’s Save the ‘Amazon of the Oceans’.

“It is not too late to save the ‘Amazon of the oceans’, the appeal of Edwin Gariguez, parish priest and director of Caritas in the island of Mindoro, in the centre of the Philippines, expresses the desires, dreams, hope of thousands of fishermen who want to preserve a marine ecosystem unique in the world, ‘a…

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Cambodia. Two Sisters and a Church Reborn.

In Cambodia, Songvat and Tharin, today Sister Marie and Sister Teresa, are the first women to enter the religious life since the bloody regime of the Khmer Rouge. A conversion that went hand in hand with the reconstruction of the country. A Church that is reborn thanks to the preaching of the Gospel in the…

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Music. Vietnam. Between Tradition, Pop and Rap.

For the Vietnamese people, music has always been of great importance. A tradition with millennia of history behind it and a present perfectly integrated into international pop trends. As a land of conquest for the great planetary pop stars – Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and the most popular Korean BTS –  but also…

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India. Saving an Endangered Language.

Hrusso Aka, an indigenous language in northern India, was on the verge of extinction. A Jesuit, whose mother tongue was Konkani, a language along the western coast of India, came to help the Hrusso Aka natives save their dying tongue. A tribal language in northern India was moving toward extinction in the late 1990s. In…

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The Forgotten Conflict/Kashmir. A Decades-Long Crisis in the Heart of Asia.

Kashmir, a small Himalayan region claimed by India and Pakistan, is the protagonist of a frozen conflict that arose between Islamabad and New Delhi. The rivalry gave birth to four wars interspersed with political tensions. It all started in 1947, when the United Kingdom granted independence to the nations of the Indian subcontinent and each…

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Iraq. A Book to Live Again.

The young Yazidi Janan Shaker Elias has opened a bookshop in a village on the Nineveh Plain that suffered the invasion of Isis: “When we returned, I decided that reading was among the essential necessities”. On the white shelves are volumes of fiction and nonfiction, history books and biographies of famous people, philosophical texts, and…

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The Philippines. Taking Different Paths.

The many challenges of Monsignor Pablo Virgilio David, bishop of the diocese of Kalookan, on the outskirts of Manila, and also president of the Philippine Bishops’ Conference. His pastoral and charitable commitment led him to take sides against all forms of injustice and violence to the extent that, during the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte, he…

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Music. Sounds of Kazakhstan.

Q-pop is the Kazakh-language musical genre that is becoming widespread. A mix of western pop, electronic dance, rhythm’n’blues and hip-hop. A land where the Silk Road passes, Kazakhstan gained independence in 1990 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. A complex and multi-ethnic land – in addition to the Russians and Kazakhs, there are Uzbeks,…

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El Hadji Salifou Ouédraogo. The Man Who Plants Baobabs.

The African baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) symbolizes thriving life in the arid landscape of the savannah, providing shelter, food, and water for humans and various…

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Why Spider Lives in Ceilings.

Once upon a time, the rainy season came to the forest, as it must come every year. But this time there was more rain than ever…

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Youth & Mission

World Youth Day 2023. Young Ukrainians: The Cry of Pain.

More than one and a half million young people, the highest number ever, flew to Lisbon and filled its narrow and cobbled streets with its numerous…

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