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Herbs & Plants. Dichrocephala Integrifolia. An Antiviral Plant.

The plant is widely used in traditional medicine to treat and prevent a wide range of diseases like dementia, Alzheimer, gastrointestinal disorders, as well as epilepsy, headache, asthma, inflammation and malaria. Dichrocephala integrifolia (Family Asteraceae) is an erect or spreading, aromatic annual plant growing to an average of 40cm in height. It often branches freely…

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Europol: How Organized Crime Groups Infiltrate the Ports of Europe.

Of the 90 million containers that find their way through EU ports every year, law enforcement is able to physically inspect only two percent. This, combined with the criminal tricks, makes it almost impossible to detect the enormous amount of illicit goods that enter the continent through ports, according to a new Europol report. The…

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Criminal Networks and Local Allies.

The Latin American cartels, from Bolivians to Mexicans. The Italian ‘Ndrangheta. The ‘friendships’ with African entrepreneurs and politicians. Diffusion and complicity in an expanding market. It was May 2021 when in an Interpol operation, with the collaboration of 41 African and Middle Eastern countries, narcotics were discovered, especially cocaine and cannabis, worth 100 million euros,…

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DR Congo. Lake Kivu. The Explosive Secret.

It is one of the most dangerous basins in the world for the gases contained in its seabed and for the possibility, not only theoretical, of explosions. For once, the extraction of gas would be considered a beneficial action. The first concessions have already been awarded. A danger could come from a possible conflict between…

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Kenya. The Search for Popular Wisdom.

A group of educators, supported by Tangaza University College, have embarked on a civic education path to prevent violence in Nairobi’s populous neighbourhoods. A path that serves to bring out the Utu culture, full Humanity. With many surprises. In the Huruma area, on the eastern outskirts of Nairobi, a group of civic educators got together…

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Chilekwa Mumba. To protect the community and environment.

Alarmed by the pollution produced by the Konkola Copper Mines operation in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia, Chilekwa Mumba organized a lawsuit to hold the mine’s parent company, Vedanta Resources, responsible. Chilekwa’s victory in the UK Supreme Court set a legal precedent – it was the first time an English court ruled that a British…

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African drug routes.

Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda are the main transit countries for heroin. West Africa, that of cocaine. Morocco is the kingdom of cannabis. The African continent has experienced significant increases in drug trafficking in recent years. The reason, in addition to the growing worldwide demand, lies in the ever-increasing fragility of the majority of…

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The Way of Santiago de Compostela. Ultreya, Don’t Stop. Keep Going.

It is one of the best-known walks in the world. It is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. Let’s retrace the journey from its birth between faith and history. The geography of the religious world, the Catholic one in particular, is crisscrossed by a web of paths that unite places that are significant from…

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Ghana. Sacred Golden Stool.

The most important and sacred Asante stool is the ‘Golden Stool’. It represents the authority of the Asantehene (king), enshrines the soul of the nation, and symbolizes the kingdom’s unity. Among the Asante and other Akan peoples, stools play an important role in each person’s life. When children learn to crawl, they receive stools as…

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Africa. Sun, Water and Wind. The Riches of the Continent.

Africa’s development prospects are increasingly linked to the ecological transition. Solar, wind and green hydrogen could help boost economic growth and generate wealth and jobs. Sun, water, wind. These are the essential elements for the production of clean energy. Africa has them in abundance. And it is precisely from here that a revolution can be…

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Africa. More Drinking Water from the Sea.

North African countries, in particular, are trying to cope with water shortages with new desalination plants. However, they risk having a serious impact on marine ecosystems and fishing activities. The worsening water emergency is one of the most problematic effects of climate change that the countries of North Africa are dealing with. Since 2018, Morocco…

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Africa and the Drug Market.

Within an expanding market, the role of Africa is also becoming increasingly important. Not only as a place of transit but also for consumption. Cocaine in West Africa, cannabis in the North, heroin in the East, methamphetamine almost everywhere. A phenomenon that local institutions are not yet able to control. According to the latest report…

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Mohammed Abu-Numer. Building Peace.

A Palestinian transplanted to the United States committed to peace and dialogue, and founder of the Salam Institute, he is the winner of the 2024…

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Cheetah and the Rock Dassie.

The world was a very pleasant place in which to live. All the animals were friends and, although they occasionally had disagreements, they would never think…

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Youth & Mission

Mission. It’s worth it.

They come from three different continents: Asia, Africa and Latin America. They study theology in Granada Spain. The reason why they chose the mission. Here's what…

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