Monthly Archives: February 2022

Africa’s Challenges at the AU – EU Summit.

The sixth African Union (AU) – European Union (EU) Summit will be held on 17-18 February 2022 in Brussels. This meeting has been postponed in the last two years due to the situation of COVID’19 in order to be able to hold it in a face-to-face mode that ensures the presence of the leaders of…

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South Africa. Second-Hand Books Take Over the Johannesburg Literary Market.

Johannesburg, often associated with skyscrapers, insecurity, crime, begging, and in some areas, difficult access to basic services such as electricity or water, boasts more than 10,000 street stalls and shops selling books. The Bridge Books bookstore, characterised by a wooden door, is located at 98 Commissioner Street, a major street in the Central Business District of Johannesburg, where one can admire…

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The Market. Where Women Reign Supreme.

It is still dark when Esther rises. The children are still asleep and her husband murmurs something inaudible. Today is market day. She fills a large basket with produce from her field.  She hopes to sell it and buy something for the house. Whatever the husband earns is his own and what she earns is…

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Latin America 2022. The Coming Back of the Left.

After the victory of the left in Honduras and Chile, now attention is centred on Colombia and Brazil. On February 6, 2022, the presidential and legislative elections will take place in Costa Rica, a country of five million people, which shows the greatest political-institutional development among those in the Latin American region. The President, two…

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Iraq. The Madans live on the water. At risk.

In the Mesopotamian swamps, people live in symbiosis with five-thousand-year-old waters. This treasure of biodiversity is in danger: “We are in the middle of a water emergency”, says activist Ali Alkarkhi. At Chibayish, 400 km south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the water that finds its way into the cane fields is dotted with mashufs,…

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Zimbabwe. Business Creates Agreement.

After the expropriations of the lands of the white ranchers during the Mugabe era, the aristocratic von Pezold family is on the trail of compensation and new deals. Thanks to the policy change by President Mnangagwa who wants to end international sanctions and re-launch the economy. An immense villa is perched on a huge granite…

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DR Congo. Forging New Talents.

In the Congolese capital, as in the rest of the country, cultural spaces are almost non-existent. Kin ArtStudio is therefore an exception with its aim of stimulating and creating a place where various artists can express themselves. We paid a visit to the Centre. Located in Kinshasa, the Kin ArtStudio was opened in 2011 by…

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Desmond Tutu, the People’s Archbishop.

Symbol of non-violent resistance to apartheid and the creation of a new nation, Tutu (1931-2021, Nobel Peace prize-winner for 1984) took the path of dialogue and forgiveness. Right to the end, he was the guardian of human values. On 26 December last year, at the age of 90, Desmond Tutu died. He was one of…

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Patricia Gualinga. Defending the Amazon Rivers.

She is a Kichwa Indigenous leader of the Sarayaku people in Ecuador. “When you begin a fight against global economic interests, your life is always…

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The Mysteries of the Forest.

Many years ago, peace reigned in the forest under the rule of the leopard, the ruler of all animals. But one day news spread that a monster…

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Youth & Mission

Mission. The Challenges Ahead.

Three young Comboni missionaries talk about their vocation and their pastoral journeys. My name is David Costa Domingues, a Comboni missionary from Portugal.  I have just celebrated…

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