Churches May 2024

Angola. Santa Teresa Education Centre. Educate in values.

The Sisters who belong to the Slaves of the Divine Heart run a school in one of the poorest suburbs of Luanda. Educate to create the future for this country. The education centre is located in the Palanca neighbourhood of the municipality of Kilamba Kiaxi, a poor part of the Angolan capital where asphalt is…

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Myanmar. They survived the Loikaw inferno.

Former Burma has become an open-air prison since the military junta took power three years ago. Little news manages to arrive from a country where communications are precarious. Kayah State is one of the worst affected. The testimony of the bishop of Loikaw and the story of the missionaries in the refugee camps on the…

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Talitha Kum against people trafficking.

Fifteen years ago, Talitha Kum was established as an International Network of Consecrated Life against Trafficking in Persons by the International Union of Superiors General (UISG.) A long journey of commitment alongside many exploited people. We talk about it with Sister Abby Avelino, the international coordinator of the Network. “We live in a world where…

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The Asian Faces of Mary.

Non-Christians venerate Mary in Asia. Mary stands as an interreligious bridge that belongs to everyone. She is the most universal religious figure on the continent. Professor Michael Chamboni, coordinator of the Asian Catholic Studies Initiative, explains why. At Novena church, the most famous church in Singapore, it is not uncommon to see Muslim and Hindu…

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Mohammed Abu-Numer. Building Peace.

A Palestinian transplanted to the United States committed to peace and dialogue, and founder of the Salam Institute, he is the winner of the 2024…

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Cheetah and the Rock Dassie.

The world was a very pleasant place in which to live. All the animals were friends and, although they occasionally had disagreements, they would never think…

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Youth & Mission

Mission. It’s worth it.

They come from three different continents: Asia, Africa and Latin America. They study theology in Granada Spain. The reason why they chose the mission. Here's what…

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