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The Pop Music of Nigeria. Afrobeats.

For some years now, the Nigerian and Ghanaian Afrobeats music scene has taken on global dimensions in terms of reach, acceptance and impact. Increasingly, the yardstick for measuring the success of an Afrobeats artist is the level of international success he or she enjoys. It means not only collaborating with leading music superstars from around…

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Underwater Environment. The New El Dorado.

The vast riches of the seabed. Crucial role in communications. Technological innovations. Gas pipeline sabotage. The risks. The sabotage episodes of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines last September 2022, together with those of the gas pipeline and the submarine telecommunications cable connecting Finland and Estonia which occurred in October 2023, give further…

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Comoros. The ‘Next Djibouti’ for Beijing.

The World Bank continues to finance the upgrading of the ports of the Comoros islands, where China has put its eyes on for years in search of a new safe haven for its military expansion strategy in the southern Indian Ocean. Fifteen million dollars to upgrade the three main ports of the Comoros islands. This…

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Bolivia. The Q’Owaku Ritual.

The Q’Owaku ritual is performed as a blessing for workers or builders in the cities of Bolivia. But what does q’owaku mean? What is the difference between the q’owaku of the ancient Andean communities and the ritual of the bricklayers of the city of Cochabamba? Let’s find out. The q’owaku is an ancient ritual of…

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“I am on the side of peace”.

“To those who ask me which side I am on with so many armed and bloody conflicts being pursued in various regions of the world, I reply without hesitation that I am on the side of the victims of war.” A reflection by Father Saverio Paolillo, a Comboni missionary who has worked in Brazil for…

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Mission. To give meaning to life.

Three young Comboni Missionaries from different countries speak about their vocation and missionary experience. My name is Lwanga Kakule Silusawa a Comboni missionary brother working in our missionary magazine Afriquespoir in Kinshasa, DR Congo. I was born in Butembo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, in a Catholic family.  In 2009, I joined the postulancy in…

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Brazil. Our Floating Church.

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There are more than 120 communities distributed on the islands of the large Santana archipelago on the Amazon River, in Amapá. The fundamental role of community leaders. An urgent need to have permanent deacons. Two missionaries explain their pastoral activities. We are in the North of Brazil, in the diocese of Macapá. Father Raul, a…

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The new, Pharaonic Capital of Egypt.

The Cairo metropolis, one of the most populous in the world, is collapsing. So, President al-Sisi has ordered the construction of a new capital, as yet unnamed. The lavish $50+ billion project. But the rising skyscrapers and monuments are already casting sinister shadows. Along the ultra-modern twelve-lane highway from Cairo across the desert to Suez,…

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The Hare and the Elephant.

There was once a herd of elephants who went to gather honey to take to their in-laws. As they were walking along, they came upon Hare who was just about to cross the river. She said to one of them: “Father, please help me get across the river.” The elephant agreed to this request and…

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Why Spider Lives in Ceilings.

Once upon a time, the rainy season came to the forest, as it must come every year. But this time there was more rain than ever before. Nobody had ever seen anything like it. At night the water fell with a roar like thunder. In the morning it beat against the branches of the trees…

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The challenge of internal security.

Pakistan is experiencing a now prolonged period of political instability which began in April 2022 following a parliamentary motion of no confidence in the then Prime Minister Imran Khan, former cricket star and founder and President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Pti). A key role in the development of this crisis was undoubtedly played both by the…

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The Economic Crisis.

Pakistan has been in a situation of heavy economic crisis for some time now, perhaps one of the worst in its history, further aggravated by internal political instability and the massive floods of 2022, the toll of which was almost little short of dramatic: around 1,700 people lost their lives, 33 million were left homeless,…

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Adriano Karipuna. The Amazon. Protecting our territory.

He has inherited the legacy of his father, one of the few survivors of the genocide half a century ago, and represents a "people" that…

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The cat... with a bag.

One day, a penniless farmer from an oasis went to a rich merchant in the neighbouring village to ask for a loan. The old harvest was…

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Youth & Mission

Peace in the Holy Land.

God of Comfort, send your Spirit to encompass all those whose lives are torn apart by violence and death in Israel and Palestine. You are the Advocate of the…

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