Monthly Archives: February 2021

Advocating inside the United Nations.

In preparation for the 2021 Financing for Development Forum at the United Nations (UN), the NGO Committee on FfD, a substantive committee of CoNGO (Conference of NGOs) held a virtual working breakfast briefing and interactive discussion on January 15 with the Concept Note The Recovery We Want: For People and Planet. Since 2018, the Committee…

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Egypt. Archaeology. The sarcophagi of Saqqara. New light on the Holy Site.

The discovery by Egyptian archaeologists of more than a hundred sealed sarcophagi in the necropolis of the Ancient Kingdom of Memphis (2700-2192 B.C.) will allow researchers to gain information about daily life in this place. There are places whose sacred nature remains alive over the course of centuries or even millennia. This applies especially to…

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The Black Sea. The Strategic Games.

The Black Sea is situated in the centre of the vast geographical area that runs from the Adriatic to the Caspian Sea. Together with the Maghreb, the Mashreq and the Balkans, it constitutes one of the sub-regions of the Mediterranean Sea. The different strategic priorities of the countries facing the basin with their heterogeneous historical…

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Central African Republic. Insecurity worsening.

The country is passing through a phase of instability, and the situation is gradually worsening. The ongoing conflict between the armed forces (supported by the UN Mission in the country MINUSCA) and rebel groups seems on the verge of an escalation. The main battlefield is the capital of the country, Bangui. On 13th January 2021,…

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Nicaragua. Electoral fraud is announced.

Those opposed to the regime of President Daniel Ortega have reported electoral fraud in view of the presidential elections to be held next November. Economy in crisis. Covid-19 out of control. Ortega has been in power since 2007 and has violated the Constitution to remain in power. The elections of 2011 led to the election…

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Cameroon. Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi. Not just ‘passing through’.

A fierce opponent of the regime of Paul Biya, he energetically promoted dialogue between the central government and Anglophone separatists. Last November he was the victim of an as yet unexplained kidnapping. They called him Wiyghan, which means ‘one who is passing through’ because his mother had lost her first two children. Born on 15…

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The Balance of Power Old and News.

It was the conflict that broke out between Russia and Georgia in 2008 that challenged the balance of power imposed by the United States in the area of the Black Sea. Georgia, after winning independence in 1991, adopted a pro-western stance with the aim of joining the North Atlantic Treaty. This induced Tbilisi to promote…

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Many rivers to cross for President Biden.

There are different contending stories about the 2020 US Presidential election. The comforting one is that Joseph Biden, with his black running mate Kamala Harris, won a popular mandate by seven million votes. The disturbing one is that Donald Trump increased his popular vote by over eleven million. It is estimated that 93% of those…

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The Hare and the Elephant.

One day the hare, feeling hungry, went to look for food. Now, although he was full of mischief, the hare was also very lazy, and whenever he could conveniently do so, he took life easily and let others toil while he benefited from their labours. After aimlessly wandering about the bush, hoping that he could…

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Agroforestry. Life back to the land.

Two projects, systems of agroforestry, are helping bring life back to the land  in Central America Rainforests are the most productive ecosystems on the planet, and…

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Why Zebras have Striped Skins.

Long ago before people started taking any other animal apart from the dog, it was said that donkeys could also be tamed. This rumour was told…

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Youth & Mission

Mission. Walking Together.

October Is Missionary Month. Three Young Comboni Missionaries Share their Vocation Journey My name is Brother Alberto Lamana. I was born in 1971 in Zaragoza, Spain.  I…

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