News September 2021

Colombia. Distant peace.

Despite the peace accord signed in Havana, Colombia is still caught in the crossfire between FARC and ELN guerrilla groups. The death of the former FARC leader Jesús Santrich casts a dark shadow over the future of the Colombian conflict. When the Havana peace agreement was signed in 2016, few people believed the fifty-year-long conflict…

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Graphite at the centre of new political equilibrium.

Besides lithium, another mineral occupies a central role for its use in high technology. China controls 70% of this mineral. In pursuit of the electric machines market. Computers, tablets, smartphones, and high-tech instruments, together with the principle of electrical energy transition, of the transformation of cities into ‘smart cities’, and the spread of electrical vehicles,…

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DR Congo. The President’s pastors.

The closest advisers of Tshisekedi are three Pentecostal pastors whom he trusts to increase consensus in the country and establish improving foreign relations with the USA and Israel. From the time he took over the leadership of the country in January 2019, succeeding Joseph Kabila, Félix Tshisekedi surrounded himself with figures in whom he places…

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Brazil. Rio de Janeiro clutching at straws.

The pandemic is raging with fury in Rio de Janeiro, aggravating the ancestral problems of a city weighed down by the burden of its own contradictions. The economic crisis is worsening historical inequality, increasing violence, and limiting possibilities while there is a general feeling that the Marvellous City has no other choice but to grasp…

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On defense of water and the right to live well.

On August 23, 2021, at the Tacagua’ camp of Challapata, Oruro (Bolivia), thanks to the support of the CASA Collective, about 150 members of the…

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The Ungrateful Cobra.

One day a cobra fell down a deep crack in the ground and couldn't get out. A man passed by, and heard a strangled voice calling: “Help!…

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Youth & Mission

Pope Francis. “To proclaim and share what we have seen”.

This year World Mission Sunday will be celebrated on 24 October. The theme the Holy Father has chosen this year is: ‘We cannot but speak about…

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