News May 2021

Ghana. Living and dying in Agbogbloshie.

Agbogbloshie, in Accra, the capital of Ghana, is one of the largest waste dumps for electronic appliances in the world and the workplace of thousands of people who are daily exposed to some of the most toxic substances resulting in premature death. We went to see the dump. Sule uses a hammer to strike what…

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Cyril Ramaphosa and the struggle for reform in South Africa.

Respected by public opinion and the international community, Ramaphosa has to fight against the various factions and groups within the ANC. The economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic  are hampering further reform efforts. It is now just over three years since Cyril Ramaphosa became president of South Africa, taking over from Jacob Zuma, whose nine…

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Cote d’Ivoire. Old and new challenges.

Former President Laurent Gbagbo has received the green light to take back his role on the political scene of Cote d’Ivoire. Apparently, he has now the possibility to engage again in the fight for predominance that he has been fighting for thirty years. A fight that risks tearing the country apart. On 31st March 2021,…

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Somalia. Tensions rise with Kenya over offshore oil-rich areas.

The weakness of Somalia’s state has incited neighbours to make steps to tap its maritime resources in search of oil and fishing grounds, adding to other tensions which create a dangerous climate. The chaos that reigned in Somalia after Siad Barre’s overthrowal in 1991 has encouraged predators to take advantage of the weaknesses of the…

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Agroforestry. Life back to the land.

Two projects, systems of agroforestry, are helping bring life back to the land  in Central America Rainforests are the most productive ecosystems on the planet, and…

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Why Zebras have Striped Skins.

Long ago before people started taking any other animal apart from the dog, it was said that donkeys could also be tamed. This rumour was told…

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Youth & Mission

Mission. Walking Together.

October Is Missionary Month. Three Young Comboni Missionaries Share their Vocation Journey My name is Brother Alberto Lamana. I was born in 1971 in Zaragoza, Spain.  I…

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