News March 2021

DR. Congo. Kabila’s puppet cuts its strings.

In a spectacular turnaround, the former President Kabila who was still in control of the institutions through proxies two years after the Presidential election, has been eventually side-lined. Tshisekedi whom he helped to become President after a rigged election has managed to outflank him while the West applauds despite the use of unconstitutional methods. Until…

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The Gulf of Guinea: The Sea of pirates.

Maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is a threat not only to the welfare of seafarers and ship-owners, but also to the politics and the economy of coastal states. Some of them depend on the flux of money and goods generated by the traffic of ships. Therefore, up to a certain level, piracy is…

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Somaliland. Incense. Sweet-smelling fragrance from Heaven.

The glowing coals give off a wonderful aroma: the smell of the incense fills churches, temples and baths. The best sort comes from Somaliland. Entire villages earn their living from the sale of the precious resin from the trees. The stony path winds down along the slope. It passes through the beds of dried-up streams…

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Israel. From the Semien Mountains to Mount Sion.

The difficult journey of the Ethiopians of Jewish origin towards complete integration. Unifying music may help avoid discrimination. Hidden among the Semien mountains in the north of Ethiopia, north-east of Gondar in the Amhara region, the Beta Israel or Falashas – as Ethiopian Jews were known – remained hidden from the rest of the Jewish…

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The use of language at global climate talks.

The yearly UN climate summit or Conference of the Parties (COP) produces international agreements that guide countries in their response to the climate crisis. At…

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How the Tiger Got His Stripes.

Once upon a time, ages and ages ago, so long ago that the tiger had no stripes upon his back and the rabbit still had his…

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Youth & Mission

African Youth Survey 2022.

The 2022 African Youth Survey (AYS) sponsored by Ichikowitz Family Foundation, a leading African foundation encouraging active citizenship across the continent, shows how young Africans plan…

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