News June 2022

Can Africa offer an alternative for Russian oil and gas exports to the EU?

The EU’s plan of an oil embargo on Russia and to reduce its gas imports from this destination is offering opportunities to African oil and gas exporters. But only to a certain extent. Limited infrastructure prevents Africa to provide a complete alternative in the short-term. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the EU…

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Mauritania. The mysterious and solitary Nemadi.

A small people of Mauritania compelled to change their lifestyle to survive. They once lived in the desert where they hunted wildlife and gathered wild fruits and herbs. Today they raise dromedaries. Despite being relegated to the margins of society, the Nemadi have never lost their liberty. To the south of Oualata, one may meet with…

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Women Rangers. Defending Mother Nature.

From Zimbabwe to South Africa and Kenya, Women Rangers are fiercely defending wildlife against poachers. In their camouflage uniforms and armed with assault rifles, they scour the Phundundu Wildlife area in Zimbabwe, the natural habitat of 11,000 elephants. These are the Akashinga women rangers, a name that means courageous in the Shona language.  As part…

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UK-Rwanda. “Offshoring migrants”: a controversial deal.

The UK and Rwanda have signed an unprecedented deal to transfer asylum seekers to the tiny African country in return for a cash package. NGOs, opposition parties and UN bodies disapprove. Rwanda’s President Kagame denies that that deal may consist in trading human beings, while Denmark is considering to follow UK’s example. On the last…

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Samela Sateré Mawé. “Nothing for us without us”.

She is a leading voice among Brazil’s Indigenous youth. Her message is simple: Indigenous people must be involved in decision-making processes relating to the measures…

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Unbreakable jars.

Once upon a time, there was a potter, honest and diligent, who made jars of excellent quality and many sizes. He was also a very religious…

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Youth & Mission

World Youth Day. “There's a Rush in the Air!”

The official anthem of World Youth Day is entitled “There's a Rush in the Air!”. We talk about it with Father João Paulo Vaz, author of the…

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