News July 2022

U.S. Bill brings back cold war to Africa.

A new American bill is bringing back the cold war in Africa by summoning African states to take their sides in the war against the Kremlin. It targets countries which have close ties with Moscow. But it could accelerate the trend of United States waning presence on the African continent. On the last 27 April,…

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Guatemala. Tana’s Sandals.

She never once bought an ice cream. She never had a day off. She has always worked. But she wants to celebrate her birthday. A Guatemalan migrant struggles to live and survive. She looks at her fingers and hands chapped by 24 years spent cleaning restaurants and shopping malls with chemical cleaners. Originally from Camotán,…

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Africa. African Art. Recovering Its Own Story.

At least 90% of African cultural heritage is currently outside the continent, mainly in European museums. But a recent campaign for the repatriation of African art is helping to make restitution of looted artefacts a reality and finally restore heritage to the African cultures that made them. The debate about the return of valuable historical…

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Africa. “Our social commitment”.

Three young African women from different backgrounds recount the story of their social commitment as they become a reference point for many African women. The personal and professional future of Kamil Ahmed, born in Somalia in 1999, depends on the government of Kenya, which announced the closure by 2022 of the refugee camps of Kakuma…

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Samela Sateré Mawé. “Nothing for us without us”.

She is a leading voice among Brazil’s Indigenous youth. Her message is simple: Indigenous people must be involved in decision-making processes relating to the measures…

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Unbreakable jars.

Once upon a time, there was a potter, honest and diligent, who made jars of excellent quality and many sizes. He was also a very religious…

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Youth & Mission

World Youth Day. “There's a Rush in the Air!”

The official anthem of World Youth Day is entitled “There's a Rush in the Air!”. We talk about it with Father João Paulo Vaz, author of the…

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