News January 2018

Middle East 2018 Perspectives.

The year 2018 could See Current Middle East Tensions Reach Their Inevitable Bloody Conclusion. The Middle East has been a center of tension and instability since the end of WW1. Even then, 2017 stands out as being an especially tense year for the region. There are many open conflicts and growing tensions between Iran and…

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Africa. Political Forecast 2018.

General Elections in Egypt, Sierra Leone, Mali, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo. Possible political instability in South Africa. Crucial year in Gabon. In North Africa, one of the main challenges is the improvement of the situation in war-torn Libya and more particularly of the situation of the Sub-Saharan migrants who are victims of the…

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Africa’s Hotspots in 2018.

In 2018 several African states will have to face a series of challenges at the security level. In some cases, their governments will have to manage different threats simultaneously. Some of these threats have been present for different years. And these issues will be influenced by social and economic issues. In 2018 Libya’s crisis will…

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Asia 2018. In The Shadow Of Kim.

If on the one hand Asia looks forward to 2018 with confidence, on the other there are signs of crisis both in the form of the slowing down and restructuring of the economy in several countries and tensions in the Korean peninsula and elsewhere. Sustained growth in the entire region will again be led most…

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Silencing the Guns in Africa.

On 27 February 2019, the Security Council welcomed the African Union’s “determination to rid Africa of conflicts and create conditions favorable for the growth, development…

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How the Dogs Came.

A long time ago there were no domestic animals, all were wild, and all were the enemy of man. They feared him, and he feared them,…

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Youth & Mission

Pan-African Youth Leadership Development.

The Leadership Development and Mentorship program has an ambitious agenda for training tomorrow’s leaders across Africa. Africa is by far the world’s youngest continent, with a median…

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