Dossier November 2020

The Tijaniyya Brotherhood. The Way of the Koran.

Today, there are 40,000 inhabitants in Tivaouane, 100 km north-east of Dakar, the holy city of the Senegalese Tijaniyya. Each year, it receives millions of the faithful coming for the Gamou, the great pilgrimage during which the birth of the Prophet of Islam is celebrated. As many as 49% of the Senegalese are members of…

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A Journey into Islam in Senegal.

More than 90% of the population of Senegal, an officially secular country, profess the Islamic faith. Besides being Sunnis (like the majority of Muslims), the dominant form of Islam is Sufi: this means it belongs to the mystical trend whose adherents (talibé) of the brotherhoods (tariqa) follow the directives of the spiritual guides (sheikhs, better…

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The Layeniyya Brotherhood. The Meaning of Equality.

On one of the Atlantic beaches of Yoff, rises the Great Layene Mosque-Mausoleum. The low cube-shaped, white building surrounded by golden sands and crowned with a green cupola, contains the tomb of the founder of the Brotherhood, Seydina Limamou Laye and his two sons, Seydina Issa Laye, the first Khalif of the Brotherhood (1909-1949) and…

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The Muridiyya Brotherhood. “The Disciple”.

Touba, the holy city of the Muridiyya Brotherhood, situated in the centre of the country, though a religious city, stands out for its commercial character which comes from the popular motto of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, founder of the city and of the Mourides: “Pray as if you were to die tomorrow and work as if…

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A Special Advocacy Action.

International organisms during this pandemic are under scrutiny and surely for many and good reasons. However, even in the weed fields some good wheat can…

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Why the Bananas Belong to the Monkey.

Once upon a time when the world had just been made and there was only one kind of banana, but very many kinds of monkeys, there…

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Youth & Mission

Young People Fighting For Democracy.

From Bangkok to Lagos, from Harare to Hong Kong, from Lima to Santiago, young people are fighting for Democracy and Human Rights. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic…

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