Dossier March 2021

The Syrian War. Ten Years Later.

March 2021 will mark the tenth anniversary of the Syrian war. The bulk of the fighting ended in 2017, but Syria continues to suffer. The people, those outside Damascus and Latakia especially, live on the edge of famine, and the country is completely devastated. No reconstruction has occurred, and half the population has been displaced.…

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The Regional and International Proxy Battleground.

The definition of civil war has never quite applied in the case of Syria. Ever since the armed insurrection against the Assad government began in 2011, it has never been a clear case of insurgents fighting against the ‘regime’. Rather, the war quickly degenerated into a series of ethnic, confessional and national conflicts of which…

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What Next ?

The Russians are the ones who, having taken a direct military role alongside Damascus in 2015, have done most to defeat ISIS and perhaps, more importantly, the other rebel forces. The Turks will want to ensure that they can maintain a military presence in northern Syria to watch over Kurdish separatist ambitions. Israel keeps the…

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The War and its Protagonists.

On 6 March 2011, a group of teenagers wrote anti-government graffiti on a school wall in Dara’a, a Sunni-majority city in the south of the country, suffering from a long drought and poor harvests. During the following days, the regime reacted with arrests and one of the students was found dead. But instead of fear,…

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El Hadji Salifou Ouédraogo. The Man Who Plants Baobabs.

The African baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) symbolizes thriving life in the arid landscape of the savannah, providing shelter, food, and water for humans and various…

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Why Spider Lives in Ceilings.

Once upon a time, the rainy season came to the forest, as it must come every year. But this time there was more rain than ever…

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Youth & Mission

World Youth Day 2023. Young Ukrainians: The Cry of Pain.

More than one and a half million young people, the highest number ever, flew to Lisbon and filled its narrow and cobbled streets with its numerous…

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