Dossier June 2021

Strategic control.

The discovery of oil, together with its geographical position, has brought Guyana to the attention of the major actors, local and distant, that are present in the Latin-American scene. The United States, in particular, has been working for some time to guarantee the security of the country within which United States oil companies operate, for…

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Guyana. An Unknown Country.

The recent discoveries of oil have brought Guyana to the centre of international attention. Many interests are at stake. Guyana is a South American country located on the Atlantic Coast and wedged in between Brazil, Venezuela and Suriname, bordering these countries to the south, east and west, respectively. The country is characterised by dense rainforests.…

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A New Constitutional Charter.

In 1966, Guyana became independent of its mother country and joined the Commonwealth as an autonomous entity. Legislative power was entrusted to an elected assembly composed of 35 members and, in 1970, the new Constitutional Charter was launched and the ‘Cooperative Republic of Guyana’ was proclaimed with Arthur Chung, judge of Chinese ancestry, as president.…

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Oil Exploration.

Economically, with a per capita GNP of around $5,000, Guyana is one of the poorest countries in the world with much internal inequality between the shanty towns and the rich financial centres. Almost 40% of the population lives in poverty and the country is in 125th place according to the UN index of development. The…

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From South Sudan. Adeng's letter.

Advocacy is concerned with values, awareness and knowledge of problems to promote actions, policies and changes in the issues that interest people. Advocacy does not always…

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The Elephant and Hare.

There was once a herd of elephants who went to gather honey to take to their in-laws.  As they were walking along, they came upon Hare…

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Youth & Mission

African Youth to promote Peace and Security.

Despite challenges of unemployment, corruption, entrenched political leadership, and political violence, many African youth have found constructive avenues to promote peace, effective governance and reform. Africa remains the…

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