Dossier August 2022

New political openings.

Suriname is a unitary Republic with executive power vested in the President of the Republic, who is elected by the members of parliament for a five-year term; while the Chamber, composed of 51 seats, has legislative power. The 51 members of the assembly are chosen from the ten electoral districts into which the country is…

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Suriname. A Multi-coloured Country.

It is the smallest country in South America with a population of just over 600,000 inhabitants and a population rate that has been steadily decreasing since 1970.  About 245,000 people live in Paramaribo, the capital.  Located near the mouth of the 480 km  long Suriname River that crosses the country from south to east, colonial…

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Ethnic Variety.

The period of Dutch colonization made the country one of the main crossroads of both the slave trade and the migration of labour to be employed in plantations and mines, leaving as a legacy the multi-ethnicity dictated by the mixing of cultures, languages, and religions. This, however, has had little effect on the divisions between…

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Immense Natural Resources.

Suriname is a country rich in natural resources in terms of biodiversity, fresh water, raw materials, and cultural heritage. The mining sector is linked to the extraction of bauxite, gold (which is extracted from the alluvial deposits of Saramacca and Lawa), silver, nickel, and crude oil (which is extracted from an offshore field off the…

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Sister Helen Prejean. To Give Dignity.

She shows no signs of slowing down in her long-standing fight to end the death penalty. At 84, she is writing her fourth book while directing…

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The Maasai. The origin of cattle.

Naiteru-Kop, one of the gods of the Maasai, walked the earth at the dawn of the world and he found it already held some inhabitants. He…

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Youth & Mission

Youth. Talking Entrepreneurship.

Strike while the iron is hot. The wisdom of this saying epitomizes the entrepreneurial mind. lt is a mind that the youth should embrace. However, it…

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