Culture July 2020

African Fashion. Between Creativity and Elegance.

Increasingly established designers, ever more inspired collections, ever more lavish fashion shows. The fashion world in Africa is experiencing a golden season. And soon the way we dress will change. Africa is becoming increasingly fashionable. Events and festivals, either showcasing African creativity or drawing inspiration from this continent are multiplying all over the world from…

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Colombia. The loss of an elder among indigenous communities.

Elderly people are the preservers of the historical memory of a community and the carriers of medical knowledge and the secrets of the jungle. A reflection on the threat posed by the Coronavirus pandemic in the Amazon. The telling of stories passed down from generation to generation is a primary form of wisdom communication among…

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Music. Mory Kanté. The Electric Griot.

His eighties hit Yeke Yeke made him one of the prime artists of nascent world music. The singer and musician Mory Kanté has died aged seventy after a long illness. Originally from Guinea, he was known all over the world especially for his hit, Yeke Yeke, launched in 1987. That piece of music, containing ethnic…

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Herbs & Plants. Aspalathus linearis. The medicinal Tea Plant.

It is used to treat different allergies and help various antioxidant-associated health benefits. Globally, a number of plants are used as tea with lots of nutritional and health benefits. One of such plants is Aspalathus linearis (Brum f) Dahlg which belongs to the plant family Fabaceae. It is an erect to spreading, highly variable, shrub…

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The Dominican Sisters create their own climate solutions fund.

In recent years, many faith-based organizations have made bold statements about climate justice being a key component of their faith and stewardship of Earth and…

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How the Phoenix got her fine plumage.

A very long time ago before men had learnt how to hunt and set traps, all the birds lived together peacefully in a great forest. Theirs…

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Youth & Mission

"Brothers and Sisters All". We share dignity, rights and respect.

The latest letter of Pope Francis, his Encyclical, Fratelli Tutti “Brothers and Sisters All,” is one that should touch every heart, stimulate our minds, awaken our…

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