Churches September 2021

Morocco. Creating secure spaces.

The Diocesan Delegation for Tangier Migrants is a church organisation that receives migrants in the north of Morocco. We paid them a visit. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean encounter those of the Mediterranean off the coast of Tangier, the seventh-largest city in Morocco. We are travelling along a broad and quiet road accompanied by…

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Peru. Against human trafficking during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Every two hours a woman disappears due to gender violence and human trafficking. Sister Benjamine Kimala Nanga, a Comboni missionary from Chad works for the prevention and reporting of human trafficking. We met Sister Benjamine on the outskirts of Lima at a place called Pueblo Libre. She told us: “I am part of the Kawsay…

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Colombia. Dreaming of a land free of the drugs trade.

It may be a small and insignificant place but Tumaco, in the south west of the country, has its ‘importance’ on the world stage: the city is the largest producer with 19,546 hectares under cultivation, 11% of the country’s production. In recent years, it has held the dubious record of the city with the most…

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Talitha Kum. Stop Human Trafficking.

A worldwide network of consecrated life determined to put an end to the trafficking of persons by means of collaborative initiatives centred upon prevention, protection, and social reinsertion. The network is present in 92 countries. Joy is a young girl from Benin City, the capital of Edo state in the south of Nigeria. A beautiful…

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On defense of water and the right to live well.

On August 23, 2021, at the Tacagua’ camp of Challapata, Oruro (Bolivia), thanks to the support of the CASA Collective, about 150 members of the…

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The Ungrateful Cobra.

One day a cobra fell down a deep crack in the ground and couldn't get out. A man passed by, and heard a strangled voice calling: “Help!…

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Youth & Mission

Pope Francis. “To proclaim and share what we have seen”.

This year World Mission Sunday will be celebrated on 24 October. The theme the Holy Father has chosen this year is: ‘We cannot but speak about…

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