Churches June 2022

Guinea-Bissau. The Gospel and Social Promotion.

Schools, female entrepreneurship, microcredit. These are some of the initiatives of the Oblates of Mary in this small African country. Cacine is a village of mud-brick houses, covered with metal sheets or palm leaves, built side by side along two dirt paths, where hens, goats, and pigs roam, and where children play. This small town…

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DR Congo. Side-by-side With Those Who Have Lost All Their Rights.

Crowded cells, a corrupt judicial system, a health crisis aggravated by the Coronavirus. A Comboni nun committed to enforcing the rights of prisoners in the largest prison in Kinshasa. It is five o’clock in the morning, the sun starts to make its heat felt. A long queue of people wait outside Makala prison gates. Visits…

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DR Congo. Bringing Back the Smile.

The Nyota Centre in Bukavu gives hope to many young girls who have suffered oppression and violence. We visited the Centre. In the large courtyard, we see some girls chasing each other while others are jumping over stones. In a corner, some little girls are drawing on pieces of paper. The climate is peaceful. Nobody…

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Bolivia. The ‘Andean romeria’. A Festive Path among Songs and Prayers.

The pilgrimages of the various Andean communities are a combination of ancestral traditions and Christian spirituality. The pilgrimage festivals take place between the months of September and October, which according to the Andean agricultural calendar are the months for sowing. The pilgrimage is prepared one year in advance when an organiser is selected for the…

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El Hadji Salifou Ouédraogo. The Man Who Plants Baobabs.

The African baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) symbolizes thriving life in the arid landscape of the savannah, providing shelter, food, and water for humans and various…

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Why Spider Lives in Ceilings.

Once upon a time, the rainy season came to the forest, as it must come every year. But this time there was more rain than ever…

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Youth & Mission

World Youth Day 2023. Young Ukrainians: The Cry of Pain.

More than one and a half million young people, the highest number ever, flew to Lisbon and filled its narrow and cobbled streets with its numerous…

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