Churches July 2022

Latin America. ‘The Good Living Mystique’, in Daily Life.

The ‘Good Living’ is an integral way of perceiving and living life: everything is interconnected, and interdependence is the key to ensuring that everyone lives a full life. The mystique of good living is rooted in community myths that narrate the interdependence of all beings who are part of the common home. It invites us…

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DR Congo. An Oasis of Hope.

The Telema Mental Health Centre in Kinshasa is a place where the mentally ill are welcomed and respected. We saw it for ourselves. Many mentally ill people roam the streets of Kinshasa. It is easy to see what they are. They walk alone, half-naked, with shabby, dirty clothes and dishevelled hair. They live off people’s…

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Morocco. Tazert. “Our doors are open to all”.

Four African Sisters have restored life to a monastery founded in 1931 by a French Franciscan in the Berber village of Tazert.   We are in Tazert, a Berber village of 3,500 inhabitants sixty kilometres from Marrakech. “This is an oasis of peace for anyone who comes to visit”, says Sister Noellie Kabore, a Burkinabé…

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Algeria. Brotherhood Is the New Frontier of Humanity.

The Mediterranean as a meeting place. Brotherhood as a sign of life. The canonization of Charles de Foucauld. The new archbishop of Algiers, Msgr. Jean-Paul Vesco speaks to us. From the terrace of his office, he sees this large blue expanse where one’s gaze is lost in the distance. This great sea, the Mediterranean. He…

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Adriano Karipuna. The Amazon. Protecting our territory.

He has inherited the legacy of his father, one of the few survivors of the genocide half a century ago, and represents a "people" that…

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The cat... with a bag.

One day, a penniless farmer from an oasis went to a rich merchant in the neighbouring village to ask for a loan. The old harvest was…

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Youth & Mission

Peace in the Holy Land.

God of Comfort, send your Spirit to encompass all those whose lives are torn apart by violence and death in Israel and Palestine. You are the Advocate of the…

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