Churches January 2018

Brazil. Aparecida, 300 Years On The Side Of The People.

The celebrations of the three hundredth anniversary of the rediscovery of the statue of Our Lady of Aparecida ended recently. “Mary shows by her silence that the Gospel is proclaimed from the peripheries, the caves and cellars of humanity”. The rediscovery of the statue by the fishermen Domingos Garcia, Joao Alves and Filipe changed lives.…

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The Jesuits in Africa. In Good Company.

The Jesuits in Africa are 1,600, and they work in 34 countries. They are mainly involved in the fields of education, management of natural resources, prevention of AIDS, and assistance to refugees. In addition, they dedicate themselves to the training of the future African leaders. The Jesuit presence in Africa dates back to 1542 when,…

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Philippines. The Killing Fields.

As the bloody campaign against illegal drugs and crime continues under the present administration, the Catholic Church in the Philippines responds by establishing community-based drug rehabilitation programs, caring for the victims and parents, strengthening the defence and the culture of human rights. Not since the Marcos dictatorship has human life in the Philippines been so…

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Solidarity As The Road To Peace: The Indigenous African Model.

Indigenous Africa offers examples of alternative ways to reach peace. It is the way of truth, social forgiveness, and integration. A reflection from Laurenti Magesa, a Tanzanian theologian. Peace does not mean the absence of conflict. Except in fables, recorded history offers no credible examples of societies that led perpetual, totally idyllic, tension-free existences, either…

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Rely on one own strength first.

We are in Pikine, a Dakar suburb, Senegal. Father Armel Duteil, is the one telling the story. He is an 80-year-old Spiritan missionary. French by…

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The Water-Buffalo and the Tiger.

Once there lived a hard-working farmer in a small village who had a water-buffalo. Every day, with his plough on his shoulder, he led his water-buffalo…

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Youth & Mission

Nine Challenges Facing Young People in Syria.

For over nine years, violence and displacement have devastated opportunities for youth across the country. Here are nine of the most pressing challenges facing young people…

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