Churches April 2019

South Sudan. A great heart with great faith.

A poor woman takes a foreign mother into her house and looks after her sick daughter. She goes to the church and asks the missionary to pray that the child gets well. In the eyes of many, Nyamuone is a woman of little account. Her husband abandoned her because, in his opinion, she was unable…

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Brazil. Prisons Without Walls.

In Brazil, where prisons are places of violence and the rate of re-offending is as high as 80%, there are also penitentiaries where the detainees succeed in changing. The secret? Trust, because nobody is beyond redemption. An experience born of a Christian context. Cleubert was born into a poor and afflicted family, of an alcoholic…

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DR Congo. Mons. Muyengo Mulombe : “ We are the defenders of the people”.

The role of the bishops in the recent socio-political events in the country. The Church as ‘guarantor of unity’. The future: the full evangelisation of the Christian communities. We talked with Mons. Sébastien-Joseph Muyengo Mulombe, Bishop of Uvira in South Kivu. At the end of his second mandate, president Joseph Kabila refuses to give up…

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A Special Advocacy Action.

International organisms during this pandemic are under scrutiny and surely for many and good reasons. However, even in the weed fields some good wheat can…

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Why the Bananas Belong to the Monkey.

Once upon a time when the world had just been made and there was only one kind of banana, but very many kinds of monkeys, there…

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Youth & Mission

Young People Fighting For Democracy.

From Bangkok to Lagos, from Harare to Hong Kong, from Lima to Santiago, young people are fighting for Democracy and Human Rights. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic…

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