Kyrgyzstan. A Geopolitical Pivot.

Kyrgyzstan merits to be called a 'geopolitical pivot'. It is…

01 May 2018, Dossier May 2018

Tajikistan. Great Power Interests.

Tajikistan, situated at the heart of central Asia, was a…

01 May 2018, Dossier May 2018

Central Asia. A Great New Game.

The region of Central Asia, because of its geographic location,…

01 May 2018, Dossier May 2018

Singapore. Towards a vibrant and missionary Church.

The journey of the Catholic Church. Commitment to authentic interreligious…

01 May 2018, Churches May 2018

Uzbekistan. A Delicate Balance.

Uzbekistan, like Kyrgyzstan is one of the five Central Asian…

01 May 2018, Dossier May 2018

A Truly Indian Church.

The start of the year was characterised by an important…

01 Apr 2018, Dossier April 2018

The women Condition.

On 11 October 2017, the Supreme Court of India deliberated…

01 Apr 2018, Dossier April 2018

Hinduism and Nationalism.

In the Hindu concept is taken up by its present…

01 Apr 2018, Dossier April 2018

India. A Lost Dream.

The multi-souled India of today has denied none of its…

01 Apr 2018, Dossier April 2018

Philippines. The Killing Fields.

As the bloody campaign against illegal drugs and crime continues…

01 Jan 2018, Churches January 2018

Asia 2018. In The Shadow Of Kim.

If on the one hand Asia looks forward to 2018…

01 Jan 2018, News January 2018

Cardinal Tagle: “Every Human Encounter Is A Possible Mission”.

A mission in continual transformation. The commitment to proclaim truth…

01 Dec 2017, Churches December 2017

Philippines. Bringing Healthcare To The Mountain.

Sr. Eva Maamo and her team of doctors at the…

01 Oct 2017, Churches October 2017

'Unity In Diversity'.

As an archipelago of 17,000 islands, the geographical and cultural…

01 Sep 2017, Dossier September 2017

Indonesia. A Country In Transition.

The vast Indonesian archipelago shows all the signs of possibly…

01 Sep 2017, Dossier September 2017

Economic Turbulence.

The economic future of this populous south-east Asian country is…

01 Sep 2017, Dossier September 2017

Catholic Church. In search Of A Shared Life.

The catholic faith, originally brought by the Portuguese, went through…

01 Sep 2017, Dossier September 2017

East Timor. Stability is a long way.

There were eight candidates but just one outsider who figured…

01 Jun 2017, Dossier June 2017

The church with the people.

A colonial inheritance and a strong identifying factor, the Catholic…

01 Jun 2017, Dossier June 2017

A variety of languages and cultures.

At 500 Km from the coast of northern Australia, East…

01 Jun 2017, Dossier June 2017

The past remains in the memory.

On 20 May, the Democratic Republic of East Timor marked…

01 Jun 2017, Dossier June 2017

Young laity engages in transforming Asia.

For more than ten years Fondacio Asia, through formation programs…

01 Apr 2017, Churches April 2017

Nepal. Meet medicine men on the streets of Kathmandu.

Kathmandu is the capital and largest municipality of Nepal. There…

01 Apr 2017, culture April 2017

Hong Kong. Contemplation in the big metropolis.

The small monastery of the Poor Clares in the city…

01 Mar 2017, Churches March 2017

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Indigenous Peoples' Cosmo-Vision Advocacies For Nature.

Indigenous peoples’ views of nature are incompatible with the extractive model, which is based on excess and limitless profit-seeking that drives to prey on natural…

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Tortoise and the Baboon.

0ne evening when the tortoise was crawling slowly home, he met the baboon on his path. “Hello, old fellow - said the baboon heartily - Have you…

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Youth & Mission

Europe. The Tension of Being Young. Between Uncertainty and Responsibility.

The lives of many young Europeans are characterized by uncertainty. Sarah Prenger, president of the International Young Christian Workers movement, points out the personal and social…

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