Asia 2019. Troubled Waters.

Important political events will mark the Asian panorama in 2019…

01 Jan 2019, News January 2019

Philippines. A Voice for the Oppressed.

Brother Karl Gaspar, an award-winning writer, respected socio-anthropologist, theologian, interfaith…

01 Nov 2018, Churches November 2018

Support Local Initiatives.

Today, Bangladesh is a country in tumultuous growth, afflicted by…

01 Sep 2018, Dossier September 2018

Do Not Forget Rana Plaza.

Ashulia and the nearby districts of Savar, Tongi and Gazipur…

01 Sep 2018, Dossier September 2018

Women At The Crossroads.

The population of Bangladesh is rapidly approaching 170 million, depending…

01 Sep 2018, Dossier September 2018

Bangladesh. A Country In Contrast.

Geography, demography, history, faith and politics are inextricably intertwined in…

01 Sep 2018, Dossier September 2018

Philippines. Feeding Street People.

For the last five years, a retired engineer and his…

01 Aug 2018, Churches August 2018

Asian Spirituality. A Quest For Depth.

Nearly all major religions of the world were born in…

01 Jul 2018, Dossier July 2018

India. In The Name Of Thomas.

Founded in Kerala fifty years ago, the Missionary Society of…

01 Jul 2018, Churches July 2018

Spirituality, Learning From Each Other.

The Tibetan Buddhist leader Dalai Lama remembers a discussion he…

01 Jul 2018, Dossier July 2018

The Spirituality of Responsibility.

Chinese spiritual outlook made Confucius remind his people of their…

01 Jul 2018, Dossier July 2018

Spirituality as Ahimsa.

Undoubtedly, nonviolence remains at the heart of Asian spiritual tradition.…

01 Jul 2018, Dossier July 2018

India. Another Side.

It is called Sarva Seva Sangh which means “a community…

01 Jun 2018, Churches June 2018

Kyrgyzstan. A Geopolitical Pivot.

Kyrgyzstan merits to be called a 'geopolitical pivot'. It is…

01 May 2018, Dossier May 2018

Tajikistan. Great Power Interests.

Tajikistan, situated at the heart of central Asia, was a…

01 May 2018, Dossier May 2018

Central Asia. A Great New Game.

The region of Central Asia, because of its geographic location,…

01 May 2018, Dossier May 2018

Singapore. Towards a vibrant and missionary Church.

The journey of the Catholic Church. Commitment to authentic interreligious…

01 May 2018, Churches May 2018

Uzbekistan. A Delicate Balance.

Uzbekistan, like Kyrgyzstan is one of the five Central Asian…

01 May 2018, Dossier May 2018

A Truly Indian Church.

The start of the year was characterised by an important…

01 Apr 2018, Dossier April 2018

The women Condition.

On 11 October 2017, the Supreme Court of India deliberated…

01 Apr 2018, Dossier April 2018

Hinduism and Nationalism.

In the Hindu concept is taken up by its present…

01 Apr 2018, Dossier April 2018

India. A Lost Dream.

The multi-souled India of today has denied none of its…

01 Apr 2018, Dossier April 2018

Philippines. The Killing Fields.

As the bloody campaign against illegal drugs and crime continues…

01 Jan 2018, Churches January 2018

Asia 2018. In The Shadow Of Kim.

If on the one hand Asia looks forward to 2018…

01 Jan 2018, News January 2018

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Can We Address The Climate Change? Yes, We Can.

Money is what hurts the most. Popovic, the founder of Otpor (Enough), a student movement that played a key role in toppling Serbian dictator Slobodan…

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Nigeria. Thunder and Lightning.

A long time ago, both thunder and lightning lived on this earth, among all the people. Thunder was an old mother sheep and Lightning was her…

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Youth & Mission

Africa. Young Catholic Students. “Our Faith - Our Future”.

A faith-based youth apostolate movement, committed to the principles and values of evangelisation, formation, social justice and advocacy, wants to expand in Africa In Africa, the YCS…

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