Slave trade

History – Slave of trade

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  One of the most remarkable figures in Eastern Africa in the XIX century was Hamed bin Mohammed bin Juma bin Rajab el Murjebi (ca. 1840-1905). Al Murjebi was a Zanzibari land owner and trader who extended his influence into mainland Africa as far as the Congo region. He was born into a merchant dynasty at…

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Silencing the Guns in Africa.

On 27 February 2019, the Security Council welcomed the African Union’s “determination to rid Africa of conflicts and create conditions favorable for the growth, development…

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How the Dogs Came.

A long time ago there were no domestic animals, all were wild, and all were the enemy of man. They feared him, and he feared them,…

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Youth & Mission

Pan-African Youth Leadership Development.

The Leadership Development and Mentorship program has an ambitious agenda for training tomorrow’s leaders across Africa. Africa is by far the world’s youngest continent, with a median…

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