Sierra Leone

International Law – Justice is better served cold

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  Justice delayed is justice denied, lawyers are happy to say. Then the case of Charles Taylor is a good example. For much of the 1990s, Taylor has been one of the pivot forces behind the violence in Liberia and Sierra Leone. He is directly responsible for the death of thousands of people, for the…

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10 Ways We Pretend War is Not a Crime.

Advocacy, more than economic interests, is about consciousness and knowledge. It is about building a strong democracy, holding those in power accountable. It is about…

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Why the Hippo lives in the Water.

Many years ago the hippopotamus, whose name was Isantim, was one of the biggest kings on the land; he was second only to the elephant. The…

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Youth & Mission

Saving the Planet and Ourselves.

Australia, Philippines, California and Central and South Africa have been recently hit by severe drought and endless forest fires.  Thousands are suffering. Plants and animals perish.…

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