Islamic extremism

Characteristics of Islamic extremism

Islamic extremism is characterized by a certain diversity between groups; however, there are certain things, which run like common denominators through all these groups. These common characteristics are mainly based on theological orientation, political or social objectives and others. Some of these general characteristics are common to most of the extremist groups. A strictly literal…

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Challenges linked to Islamic extremism

Security. After the 11 September bombing of the Twin Towers, the world has become extra security conscious. This can be noted in airports, train stations and other places. Security has become an issue in countries which have armed Islamic extremist groups. Such is the case for Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Nigeria and others. Even in countries…

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Diversity of extremist movements

Islamic extremism shows many faces as represented by the many and different groups of extremist orientation. The diversity of extremist groups can be understood by basing the division mainly on their ideological orientation and political or geopolitical goals. Ideological/theological orientation. Islamic extremism is not a monolithic reality. Different theological orientations have given different theological motivations.…

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Islamic Extremism. Between Fear and Terror

The latest terrorist attacks in Paris and in Bamako (Mali) have drawn, once again, the attention on Islamic extremist groups. They have spread death across the Middle East, Africa and now at the heart of Europe. We look at the phenomenon:  causes, characteristics, diversity and challenges.  Al-Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, ISIS, Khorasan, Al-Nusra,…

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Widen the horizon of Empowered Women.

Concluding the Special Synod of Bishops on the Amazon, Pope Francis in his homily said with a witty remark that the final document speaking of…

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Hare and the Hyena.

0ne day, a long time ago when there was a famine in a certain part of Africa, Hare met Hyena. “How thin you are looking,” said…

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Youth & Mission

Young Indios: “The world must listen to us”.

During the Synod for Amazonia, we heard stories of young Indios who struggle against environmental exploitation, in recognition of their own identity, and they want to…

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