Indian and Pacific Oceans

New Zealand. In The Shade Of The Palms.

The Maori of New Zealand have a sacred vision of nature. Traditional patterns used in their wood carving, tattoos and amulets are often inspired by the natural environment. The Maori were the first settlers of New Zealand. They arrived there on their wakas, wooden boats suitable for sea sailing. The term Maori is used to describe the…

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Indian and Pacific Oceans: The Last Mining Frontier.

Offshore mining is occurring in Namibia and in the Red Sea. But much more ambitious programs are on track. A new rush is taking place, mainly in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.   In 1869, the French novelist Jules Verne predicted that deep sea mining of zinc, iron and gold would become a reality. Over 150…

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Money as a mission.

St. Basil the Great, in the 4th century would call money ‘the devil’s dung,’  an epithet reused by Pope Francis last year. Oscar Wilde said…

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The Hare, the Hippo and the Fire.

The hare and the hippo were great friends. They walked together in the veld and visited each other in their homes. The hippo was very proud…

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Youth & Mission

The Virus of Racism.

The world is seeing once again the upsurge of a vicious “virus” that has spread to every corner of the world. This time, the “virus” is…

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