News September 2014

West Africa. The Lion King may sleep forever

The lion of West Africa is on the verge of extinction. Only a few hundred individuals are surviving. But their days are numbered unless strict measures are adopted. There is a serious probability that the lion, symbol of bravery and totem of the Gourmantché tribe of Burkina Faso, who inspired legends and was adopted by…

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Germany. Military and strategic interests in Africa

Germany returns to Africa to stay. In summer 2011, the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle introduced the new ‘Strategy for Africa’ of the German Government. It is an integrated policy towards Africa, involving several federal ministries, industry groups and civil society representatives. The aim is to enable a coordinated partnership along key issues, such as:…

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Ghana. Bernice, Nancy and bamboo bikes

A women’s initiative, launched on the outskirts of Accra. “My children are currently studying, and who knows, they might become ‘important people’ someday”, says Nancy Adomako. This young woman is smiling again after much suffering. She has resumed to believe in the future. Four years ago her husband died in a mine accident and left…

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Reportage / Honduras. The flavour of coffee

A strong and penetrating smell of coffee comes from the ‘Cafeteria El Paraiso’. Inside, behind the counter, you can see an old cylinder-shaped coffee machine. The ‘El Paraiso’ coffee shop, with rough and smoky interior walls is in the Morazan district, located in the mountains surrounding Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. Don Aleman, a serene…

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Silencing the Guns in Africa.

On 27 February 2019, the Security Council welcomed the African Union’s “determination to rid Africa of conflicts and create conditions favorable for the growth, development…

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How the Dogs Came.

A long time ago there were no domestic animals, all were wild, and all were the enemy of man. They feared him, and he feared them,…

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Youth & Mission

Pan-African Youth Leadership Development.

The Leadership Development and Mentorship program has an ambitious agenda for training tomorrow’s leaders across Africa. Africa is by far the world’s youngest continent, with a median…

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