News March 2014

Honduras – Risks to taxi drivers

There are several taxi ranks all around the central square of Tegucigalpa, where there is the national monument, the baroque cathedral dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel. Most of them are white-coloured Toyota Corolla cars. “All taxis were produced in the last century and are still ‘proudly’ operating”, says, Manuel smiling.  He owns a ratty…

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Uganda – Museveni’s military interventions

President Museveni’s intervention in the South Sudan war on the side of President Salva Kiir has underlined the Ugandan leader’s penchant for military interventions in neighbouring countries with sometimes disastrous consequences. In addition to South Sudan, Ugandan troops are deployed in Somalia and Central African Republic. In the past they fought in the Democratic Republic…

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Kenya – Uhuru Kenyatta, Africa and ICC

On the 5th of November 2009, the International Criminal Court (ICC)  Prosecutor notified the President of the Court of his intention to submit a request for the authorization to start an investigation into the situation in Kenya pursuant to Article 15(3) of the Rome Statute about the 2007-2008 post election violence in Kenya in which…

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Increasing EU interest for Africa’s Raw materials

The European Union (EU) is showing an increasing interest for Africa’s raw materials in order to secure its supplies and reduce its dependence from China and other Asian countries. Over the next six years until 2020, the European Union will implement a strategic plan to guarantee supplies of “critical minerals” to its industry which is…

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The 4 Freedoms.

One of the most important aims of advocacy is building strong democracy and democratic organizations to hold those in power accountable, expanding citizen’s understanding of…

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The Water in Olive Lake.

Long, long ago, a mother and her son lived by Olive Lake below Olive Mountain. The mother was very, very old and could not work anymore.…

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Youth & Mission

Youth on the frontline against Covid - 19.

In the time of Coronavirus, young people have organised to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and supporting their communities. In Cameroon, Achalake Christian, the coordinator of Local…

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