News July 2014

The role of Chinese intelligence in Africa

Chinese intelligence is operating in Africa on a large scale. Thanks to many companies working in the continent. From infrastructure to communications. But also expanding its military assistance with the main objective: to control the strategic resources and trade routes. The Chinese intelligence services have started to operate in Africa at least since the early…

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Mali – Timbuktu: Difficult reconciliation

Walking through the streets of Timbuktu, you’ll breathe history, myth and mystery. This city, founded in the 12th century by the Tuareg of the Araouan region, has developed from the 14th century onwards economically and, even more, culturally. It reached its maximum splendor in the 16th century. It was home to 100,000 people. In the…

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DRC – Agro-industrial parks to address the food security challenge

The DR Congo government has decided to create 20 agro-industrial parks to tap the country’s huge agricultural potential and to address the challenge of food security. The challenge is a difficult one. According to the Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute, the DRC could be the food basket of Africa and even of other parts…

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Catholic Parliamentary Advocacy in Africa

‘It is not to promote the interests of the Catholic Church as an institution. But to promote the common good through advocacy which is based on the values of Catholic Social Teaching, especially the preferential option for the poor’ Some years ago, a bishop in one of Africa’s smaller countries remarked that he lived on…

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Research and Rating, a tool of Advocacy.

Advocacy is a strategy used around the world by NGOs, activists, and even policy makers themselves, to influence policies. Advocacy is about creating reform of…

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An Unhappy Fish.

0nce upon a time there was a colony of little fishes who lived together in their own small pool, isolated from the rest of the fish…

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Youth & Mission

Peace and Climate Justice is Needed to Save the Planet.

The world is afire again, the flames heartbreakingly consume shrubs, trees and forests in Australia, Portugal, Brazil, and recently in California and Siberia and elsewhere too.…

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