News January 2016

Africa 2016. A challenging year ahead

2016 promises to be a challenging year for Africa, with several elections in a tense climate, the aggravation of the crisis in Burundi and the opening of the Gbagbo trial in front of the International Criminal Court (ICC).  One of the main questions is whether the situation will improve or further deteriorate in Burundi, where…

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Economy to dominate 2016 Zambian elections

Zambians are going to vote in the tripartite elections in September 2016 but already the economy is dominating all other issues. With the loss of jobs in the copper mines as a result of low prices on the world market many voters in the country are worried if the present government of Edgar Lungu would…

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Burundi. To Avoid genocide

Human rights violations including extra-judicial executions.  Hate speeches. No dialogue with the opposition. The real risk of civil war. On the 11 December, in the latest coordinated attacks, gunmen stormed three military installations in Burundi before dawn. At least 15 people were killed.  Only last month 87 people have been killed. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon…

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SDGs advocacy from UN to the Grassroots.

In 2000, the United Nations (UN) held a Millennium Summit and in its Millennium Declaration adopted the eight international Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to be achieved by 2015.…

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The Lion, Jackal and Man

It so happened one day that Lion and Jackal came together to converse on affairs of land and state. Jackal, let me say, was the most…

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Youth & Mission

Young People. The Voice of the Planet.

The students are on the streets, waving banners, banging drums, singing, chanting, and calling for an end to the causes driving climate change that is wrecking…

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