News February 2014

South Sudan – A power struggle

South Sudan’s government and rebels  signed a ceasefire agreement after talks in Ethiopia on 23rd January. Under the deal, the fighting were due to come to an end within 24 hours. However,  fighting still continue in some parts of the country. The South Sudanese government has expressed scepticism over whether the opposition will be able…

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South Africa – Elections: Zuma again

Next April, The ruling African National Congress (ANC) will face its toughest elections since 1994. New political parties will challenge the ANC. We talked with Else Strivens, editor  of the Trefoil magazine based in Johannesburg. New political parties have been created recently in South Africa, the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) and Agang being the most…

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Horn of Africa, Sinai, Europe

Pirates attacks have been a serious plague in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean for years. Between 2009-2012, in the Horn of Africa, Somali pirates are estimated to have racked in more than 450 million dollars in ransom payments from ship-owners worldwide. The number of pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden has…

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DR Congo – The prophet’s coup

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 Only 17 days after the signature of a peace agreement with the main rebel movement, an unexpected insurrection in several towns of the country showed that the DRC was far from being stabilised. Many Congolese were expecting that the signature of a peace agreement in Nairobi on the last 12 December between the Rwandan-backed M23…

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Feeding people during the Covid-19 emergency.

With the declaration of the health emergency in Ecuador, all activities and services taking care of poor people were suspended. The experience of Caritas’ dining…

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The Herons and the Tortoise.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lake, near a big mountain. There lived many animals in the water and on the banks of the…

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Youth & Mission

Young People lead the protest against racism, discrimination and social…

More and more young people are joining protests around the world and are playing an increasingly important role to protest against racism, discrimination and social inequality. Is…

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