Dossier October 2017

Sufi Orders (turuq).

The need to be organised in groups in following their teachings is common to all the traditional religions. It was especially during the VI-VII/XII-XIII centuries that the Sufi orders or ways saw their greatest flowering. Many believers had, in fact, developed the need to have a sure and experienced guide (shaykh) for their mystical journey.…

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Sufism: The Spiritual Side Of Islam.

God is the direction (qibla) of the intention (niyya), the intention is the direction of the heart (qalb), the heart is the direction of the body (jism), the body is the direction of the members, the members are the direction of the created universe (kawn). This saying, attributed to Sahl al-Tustarî (m. 283/896), expresses well…

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The “Perfect Man”.

In the sea of divine manifestations (VI-VII/XII-XIII) – Starting from the III/IX century, many currents in philosophical and religious thinking such as Platonism, Gnosticism and Hermetism had become part of Islamic thinking. Especially during the VI-VII/XII-XIII centuries, their influence is seen more clearly in Sufi thought. Sufism was increasingly the character of a sort of…

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The History Of Sufism.

The ascetic movement (I-II/VII-VIII). – Sufism emerges in early Islamic times as an ascetic movement, a reaction against the life of luxury and corruption at the courts of the Moslem Caliphs and princes enriched by recent Islamic conquests. It was also a fidelity protest calling for a return to the original Koranic message, against the…

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10 Ways We Pretend War is Not a Crime.

Advocacy, more than economic interests, is about consciousness and knowledge. It is about building a strong democracy, holding those in power accountable. It is about…

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Why the Hippo lives in the Water.

Many years ago the hippopotamus, whose name was Isantim, was one of the biggest kings on the land; he was second only to the elephant. The…

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Youth & Mission

Saving the Planet and Ourselves.

Australia, Philippines, California and Central and South Africa have been recently hit by severe drought and endless forest fires.  Thousands are suffering. Plants and animals perish.…

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