Dossier October 2014

Aristide, a leading voice for Haiti’s poor majority

Then Jean-Bertrand Aristide came on the national stage. An educated former priest who was born into poverty, managed to inspire the people to participate in building a new democracy in Haiti. As a priest, Aristide began to recruit youths to attend church, so he organized weekly youth masses. In 1986, he founded an orphanage for…

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Haiti. The difficult reconstruction

Located in the gorgeous Caribbean basin, within the archipelago of the Antilles, the Republic of Haiti consists of two peninsulas that cover an area of 27,750 square kilometers. The country comprises the western third of the island of Hispaniola, west of the Dominican Republic. Its territory, mostly mountainous, including two major mountain ranges interspersed by…

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Military occupation

In July 1915, the US intervened in Haiti. Civil unrest surrounding the assassination of President Vilbrun Guillaume Sam provided a pretext for intervention. U.S. marines were dispatched to Haiti, ostensibly to protect U.S. financial interests and citizens. Rather than withdrawing after a show of ‘gunboat diplomacy’, as had previously been the case, the U.S. military…

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The magnitude 7.0 earthquake

Still today, Haiti is struggling, the already miserable conditions of the country became tragic after the devastation caused by the 12 January 2010 earthquake. The magnitude 7.0 earthquake, with an epicenter located approximately 25 km south and west of the capital city Port-au-Prince, left approximately 200,000 dead and 2.3 million homeless forced into ramshackle tent…

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The Covid-19 Pandemic Advocacy.

Advocacy is Re-active while "forcing" us because problems or issues are already there. Then we use advocacy to respond, seeking to address or reducing their…

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The Fox, the Monkey, the Hare and the Horse.

The fox is the wicked animal in the forest, and everyone hates him. He is for ever cheating people and playing tricks on everyone. There is…

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Youth & Mission

The African Youth Survey 2020. Vibrant Afro-optimism rises.

A comprehensive survey of Africa’s youth – the African Youth Survey 2020 –has just revealed a rising Afro-Optimism among the continent’s youth driven by a strong…

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