Dossier November 2011

Political debate – Dialogue towards consensus

Malefetsane Nkhahle is one of the three commissioners leading the Independent Electoral Commission of Lesotho. He spoke to Southworld in his Maseru office. How do you promote the democratic process in Lesotho? As many other countries that consider themselves to be democratic, we have an elected government. Our principal responsibility is to deliver free and…

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Lesotho – The Mountain kingdom

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Like most of Southern Africa, the Drakensberg Escarpment was inhabited by hunter-gatherers groups until the XVII century. AT about that time, the area was occupied by refugees from Bantu tribal wars. In 1818, Moshoeshoe, a local chief of the Southern Sotho, the survivors of the devastating Zulu and Matabele raids, occupied the high ridges of…

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Economy – Till the last drop

Lesotho is a small, landlocked country, mostly mountainous and with limited agricultural output. The country needs to import foodstuff and most consumers’ items, since industries are few and unable to meet internal demands. Being completely surrounded by South Africa, Lesotho is vulnerable to external factors. The global economic recession started in 2008 has had a…

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Church in Lesotho

The first Christian missionaries to reach Lesotho were the Paris Missionary Society, a French Calvinist group. They arrived in 1833. The Catholic Church in Lesotho started with the arrival French Oblate Missionaries in 1862. The foundation period lasted up to 1933. At that time, new missionaries arrived from Canada, they also were French speaking. Until…

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Feeding people during the Covid-19 emergency.

With the declaration of the health emergency in Ecuador, all activities and services taking care of poor people were suspended. The experience of Caritas’ dining…

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The Herons and the Tortoise.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lake, near a big mountain. There lived many animals in the water and on the banks of the…

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Youth & Mission

Young People lead the protest against racism, discrimination and social…

More and more young people are joining protests around the world and are playing an increasingly important role to protest against racism, discrimination and social inequality. Is…

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