Dossier April 2016

A silent but active Church

Bound by Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Djibouti, where religion is concerned, religion, can be more closely compared to the first of them. Islam is indicated as the State religion in the constitution, and 94% of its inhabitants are Sunni Muslims, with the remaining 6% constituted mainly of foreign-born citizens and expatriates. Despite long historic ties…

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Djibouti at a crossroads

Ismail Omar Guelleh’s latest wish is to turn Djibouti into Africa’s Singapore, which probably means also wanting to be regarded as the Horn nation’s Lee Kuan Yew, the father of a somehow new country. So far, the bet is far from won, but judging from the past, the 68-year old strongman will not be afraid…

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Pirates and migrants

If France has somehow neglected Djibouti for a decade, in the last few years the European Union as a whole has been interested in the Horn of Africa Republic at least from a strategic point of view. The vessels taking part in the EU first joint naval mission, the anti-piracy operation EUNAVFOR Atalanta, are in…

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A harbour for peace and war

Guelleh’s dream of making Dijbouti a regional hub has at least some reasons. In an area that is crossed by tensions (the conflict in Somalia, the low-intensity crisis between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the war in Yemen on the other side of the Gulf of Aden), the former French colony has reached stability, even if paying…

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Emigration and the Young African.

Advocacy is about politics and change, values and beliefs, consciousness and knowledge. It is about building democratic organizations and expanding citizens’ skills to understand how…

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Hare and the Corn Bins.

In the old days, all the animals used to make farms like men do today. They hoed the ground, planted the seed, harvested the grain and…

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Youth & Mission

Five Ways To Reduce Our Reliance On Plastic.

Plastic is so prevalent in our lives that we don’t even notice it anymore. It is convenient. It is cheap. It is ubiquitous. The unfortunate truth…

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