Dossier April 2012

Terror timeline

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  In less than a decade, Boko Haram has caused thousands of victims. The violence has meant the destruction of houses, of shops, and of the hopes of many. Tens of thousands were forced to abandon their villages to look for more secure places where to live. Here is a timeline of the terror unleashed…

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Peace at risk

Last Christmas, many Christian churches were bombed by Boko Haram. John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, archbishop of Abuja, declared to Vatican Radio “we have done much to encourage dialogue with Islam, to promote respect and harmony. We need to hope that, besides events such these, we can continue the journey of dialogue and reconciliation. Most Nigerians want…

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Boko Haram is an offshoot of Yan Tatsine, a movement active in Kano State in the 1980s under the leadership of Mohammed Marwa, an Islamic scholar who migrated to Nigeria from Cameroon in 1945. Once in Kano, capital of the State by the same name, Marwa became a fanatic, fixated with the idea of purify…

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Nigeria – Repression

The Federal Government, controlled by the People’s Democratic Party since 1999, has always responded to terror attacks with a display of strength – using the police and the army – to no noticeable result so far. President Goodluck Jonathan is no different from his predecessors. He clearly says there is no space for dialogue and…

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Nigeria – Hot spots

Nigeria is the real giant of Africa. With 160 million inhabitants, plenty of natural resources, a good school system, Nigeria has the potential to become the new powerhouse of the continent, overcoming South Africa in a short while. Yet, it is profoundly divided by violence. In the past months, some compared it to Sudan, which…

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The rule of violence

Nigerians are usually proud of their country, always ready to sing the praises of their culture and style. Unfortunately, very few foreigners share the view. The latter point out the many idiosyncrasies they see: people who are always too loud, a penchant for cheating (those who never received a Nigerian hoax email proposing a share…

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The 4 Freedoms.

One of the most important aims of advocacy is building strong democracy and democratic organizations to hold those in power accountable, expanding citizen’s understanding of…

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The Water in Olive Lake.

Long, long ago, a mother and her son lived by Olive Lake below Olive Mountain. The mother was very, very old and could not work anymore.…

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Youth & Mission

Youth on the frontline against Covid - 19.

In the time of Coronavirus, young people have organised to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and supporting their communities. In Cameroon, Achalake Christian, the coordinator of Local…

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