Culture October 2017

South Sudan. The Nuer.The Traditional Marriage

The Nuer are a tribe of South Sudan numbering about two million people. It comprises four sections: Nuer-Bentiu, Nuer-Fangak, Nuer-Ikany, Nuer-Lou. We look at the traditional marriage among the Nuer-Gawar that belongs to the Nuer-Fangak.  When the  boy expresses his desire to get married and it’s agreed upon in the family, he makes the proposal…

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Catharanthus roseus. An Anti-Cancer Plant.

It is one of the well-known medicinal plants that has its origin from the continent of Africa. The plant is commonly known as the Madagascar periwinkle or basically Vinca Rosea. It is a tender, perennial plant, which grows as a herb or sub-shrub sprawling along the ground or standing erect and growing to approximately 1 metre…

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The Andes. The Wool Of The Gods.

Alpacas, vicuñas, guanacos and llamas are essential to life for Andean peoples. These animals are used as a source of food, clothing and as a means of transportation. Their skins were more precious than gold to Incas. Camelids, who have inhabited the Andes for more than three million years, are one of the greatest treasures…

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Uganda. The Runyege Dance Would Earn You A Wife In Tooro.

Tooro Kingdom which is one of the four traditional Kingdoms in Uganda is located in the western part of Uganda with Fort Portal town as its Capital. The Kingdom was once part of the large empire of Kitara under the reign of the Babito Dynasty. We look at the runyege dance which is a courtship…

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Advocating For Intelligent And Sustainable Earnings.

There is no consistent and successful advocacy but the one founded in strong credibility. Credibility is the quality or power of inspiring belief; it can…

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The Ambitious Ants.

Ants are the busiest creatures in the world. Every ant has a full time job, with no holidays and no half-days off Ants like to work,…

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Youth & Mission

Pope Francis: “Our young people are our foremost mission”.

In his fourth apostolic journey to the African continent, visiting Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius Pope Francis said to young people: “keep dreaming and moving forward”. In…

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