culture November 2014

Music – From Illinois to Nigeria

What do you get if you bring an Illinois-born black singer of Ugandan and Rwandan descent to Nigeria for one and a half years? If the artist is as skilled as the 31 year-old Somi and is given enough time, the answer would be something very similar to The Lagos Music Saloon: a sophisticated 18-track…

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China. The Kirgiz Falconers

Falconry is an essential part of Kirgiz traditions and culture. The majestic grasslands, rugged deserts and snow-capped mountains of western Xinjiang have been home to China’s largest community of ethnic Kirgiz for centuries. A Muslim-Turkic people, China’s Kirgiz are the linguistic and ethnic brethren of the Central Asian Kirgiz that constitute the majority population of…

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Book review – Sudan and South Sudan: incomplete divorce

Few issues, in African history, are as intricate and deep rooted in time as the tensions between Sudan and what is now South Sudan. Dealing with it in an unbiased way is a challenge for every journalist or scholar: and this is exactly what James Copnall tries to do in his latest book “A poisonous…

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Togo. The Wachi World

The Wachi are an ethnic group in the south of Togo. They are a people with a great variety of symbols and are very religious. We take a glance at their cosmic view. The Wachi see the world as an organic whole, made up of four elements: earth, sky, fire and water. While water comes…

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The 4 Freedoms.

One of the most important aims of advocacy is building strong democracy and democratic organizations to hold those in power accountable, expanding citizen’s understanding of…

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The Water in Olive Lake.

Long, long ago, a mother and her son lived by Olive Lake below Olive Mountain. The mother was very, very old and could not work anymore.…

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Youth & Mission

Youth on the frontline against Covid - 19.

In the time of Coronavirus, young people have organised to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and supporting their communities. In Cameroon, Achalake Christian, the coordinator of Local…

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