Culture May 2017

Mexico. Cosmovision and colours

The purple, carmín (deep red) and blue were very popular colours among ancient inhabitants of Mexico because they were associated with the population’s cosmovision. Colours were often symbols of power, strength, nobility, fertility, territory and culture. The three colours are of indigenous origin and today they are used in many communities to dye traditional garments…

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Ghana. Damba, a thanksgiving festival.

Each year, around May, the Gonjas people of Ghana’s Northern Region celebrate  the Damba festival, where Islam and indigenous customs come together. Three days of events and celebrations. To remember the past but also to discuss  currents issues. Bole is a small town and is the capital of Bole district, in the Northern Region of…

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Guatemala. Chichicastenango, an explosion of colours

This municipality of Maya heritage, which is located 140 km northwest of Guatemala city, is home to what is said to be the most colourful native market in Central America. A majestic display of colours, fabrics and textures, typical of ancient cultural syncretism. In the 16th century, Dominican monks built a stucco-white church, with wood…

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Balanites Aegyptiaca. A multi-purpose tree.

Balanites aegyptiaca is commonly known as desert date or Egyptian balsam. It is a small to medium-sized dry-land shrub or tree belonging to the Zygophyllaceae plant family. In traditional medicine it is used to treat and manage wide ranges of diseases. This is plant is multi-branched, growing up to l0m in height with a spherical…

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Silencing the Guns in Africa.

On 27 February 2019, the Security Council welcomed the African Union’s “determination to rid Africa of conflicts and create conditions favorable for the growth, development…

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How the Dogs Came.

A long time ago there were no domestic animals, all were wild, and all were the enemy of man. They feared him, and he feared them,…

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Youth & Mission

Pan-African Youth Leadership Development.

The Leadership Development and Mentorship program has an ambitious agenda for training tomorrow’s leaders across Africa. Africa is by far the world’s youngest continent, with a median…

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